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Gimp Grunge Brushes 1

Made these brush shapes in Inkscape and turned them into Gimp brush files. There are 28 brushes in all. Have fun!

(Note: The Gimp logo icon is from the Tango Icon set - [link])

(Another Note: The license below for the brush files themselves says you need to attribute me for their usage. You don't need to. Have fun - just make sure you share! ;-) )

Want to learn how these brushes were created using Inkscape and the Gimp? Check out this tutorial I wrote: The Open Palette: Creating Grungy Gimp Brushes Using Inkscape
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Very good!
Thanks! :)
These are awesome, thanks!<3
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Download button won't work for me. >< I really want these. Is there another?
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Whoop! Very sweet!
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thanks I really love these. Could you convert them to abr please. I wanna use them in photoshop.
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Hi ryder, I don't use any Adobe software, only open source software so I can't convert them for you. :( Sorry! But if anybody you know is able to convert them, they are of course free to do so as long as they release them under a CC-BY-SA license!
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Okay thnaks anyway
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I love these.
thank you!
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thank you so much!!
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thank you so much!!
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Yes, grungy brushes! Thank you. ::does a dance::
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Thanks, it looks very cool!
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