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9 Facts - Hephaestus
Tagged by TIFnottiffany!
- He absolutely loves swimming.  Clumsy as he is on land, he moves well in the water and likes to imagine that swimming is a lot like flying. One of his favourite things to do is to swim down to the bottom of a pool or the shallow part of a lake and look up through the water  - he swears it's infinitely better than stained glass.
- His favourite sorts of commissions are for practical things that can still be beautiful; like any artist, he likes to have some lee-way in his commissions, and derives great satisfaction at the idea of his products actually being used.  His least-favourite, however, is weaponry.  He hates making weaponry.
-His favourite foods are quiche for main course, orange sherbet for dessert, and really good ginger ale for a beverage.  Give him any, far less all of these, and he will ADORE you.
-Technically, he is an extremely powerful god.  This absolutely terrifies him because of
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Great jumpin' crackheads, I've been tagged!
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About Me:
1. As I kid I used to have some serious self-confidence issues. I was very uncomfortable with myself. I feel like nowadays I am trying to make up for lost time by boldly professing my AWESOMENESS without hesitation. It's true. I'm really freakin' awesome. I can't help that I turned out this way, but it's fine. Somebody's gotta do it. ;)
2. If someone were trying to make me happy at this very instant, all they would have to do is get me an Osprey day pack, a 3lb tent, a 0 degree sleeping bag, a self-inflating sleeping mat, and a Jetboil camp stove. Yup. That would pretty
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United States
:bulletred: Heyo! Prints now available through Redbubble Note me to request anything in my gallery be added to the print shop!

:bulletorange: Commissions are open! Visit here for my info and open slots. I'm often running a discounted themed special. (:

:bulletred: I'm in the market for large contract projects. If you need an artist for your project, hit me up on my website (in the links below). No spec work/payment in exposure/profit sharing, please. If you've got real money for a real project then I'm real down to talk to you!

Hello, all!

I asked about this a few years ago and got a resounding 'yes.' Ready to move on this now, but want to make sure this is still something a number of people would be interested in!

My base plan is to publish the physical equivalent of a brainspew (my mass drawing posts from days of yore), made from a metric crap ton of art curated from my favorite brainspew drawings, the underdrawings of paintings, drawings I never got around to sharing for whatever reason, and all the art I've done in the last couple years that's not made it online.

Rough estimate, wellll over a hundred pages, black and white, possibly in the realm of $30 a copy.

However! This is for YOU GUYS, so let me know what you'd want from me!

I'm debating between using a print-on-demand service or crowdfunding this sucker. If there's a large amount of interest in this and people would like to help crowdfund, that opens up the possibility of going with a fancier printer and doing color inserts and tier rewards and all that stuff.

:star: What I'd like to hear from you:

:bulletred: Would you buy an artbook from me? Is there something you really want to see in such a book? Would you support a kickstarter if it meant a fancier book with more content?

:bulletblue: And if anyone's published their own books out there, would you recommend your printer?

:bulletyellow: If you don't have strong feelings, a simple 'DO IT' in the comments will help me get a rough idea on interest, thank you!!
I'll be posting this to my other media as well, no need to vote twice!

Thanks, guys!



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Korwynze Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
BrUh up until now ive read your name as 'polka doodle' and not 'pooka doodle'
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FahriiCat Featured By Owner Edited Apr 4, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Your work is just beautiful! I love your use of color and shading and all of your characters pop off the screen!

Also - just out of curiosity, how did you create your personal website? I'm working on my own and always appreciate any advice, so I wasn't sure if you made it yourself or used a third party site?
V0IDSPACER Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Yooo, happy birthday!! :D
Hope you have a fantastic day!
The-Fanartist1 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2019
Happy Birthday! :)
TheGraphicNovelist Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday Leah!

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