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Return of Leek Duck

Ok, coming out of my self-imposed Pokemon art ban cuz this was an exciting reveal. Very ready to sink into Sword/Shield when it drops, still deciding which to pick up. No super crazy differences yet and I am ambivalent about the silly wolves. Which one are you guys picking up?  

Also, hello again internet. I took a good couple months off there from all sites. Work's been a lot, really pushed my physical and mental stamina near my limits. Haven't had the heart to do much else lately. Coming out of it now a bit, plan to start drawing and posting again. (I really didn't mean to come back online with more pokemon art but here we are.)

Hope you all been well?
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I about screamed when I saw this! I had a Farfetch'd when the games came out (...the default one "DUX") but man I love that dumb bird. XD I'm still stoked.

I'll be getting sword- my sister is getting Shield (we're getting the combo). ...mostly because she loves Captain America and..Shield Doggo XD
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Looks amazing, fantastic artwork! :wow:
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*sigh* i'm disappoined they game him this design instead of using the design that was made 20 years ago for Gold and Silver Beta...
Just google Farfetch'd Madame. That evolution from Gold and Silver Beta looks much better than this boring knight... Madame looks just much more stylish.
This one looks like a stupid knight, while Madame looks as majestic as Zorro.
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This is news to me! Man, are these cut pokemon for real? Bizarre! Some of these are pretty cool, some of these are... wtf IS HAPPENING to that ditto??

Hey, it's not too late for there to be a branching evolution, maybe they'll introduce Madame later. Sir is so over-the-top macho and Madame is... named Madame, so I wouldn't be surprised if they've done a male and female evolution.
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I'm glad that i'm not the only one who loves those designs ^_^
Who knows, maybe there's much more pokemon who were cut from final games...
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did he finally get an evolution?? I haven't heard of that, I just clicked because your art is dope. How cool is this leek sword!
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He did indeed! It's a pretty serious vegetal weapon, I lol'd at my desk when I saw him for the first time!
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He ‘bout to kick some butt.
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Awesome work!
I am going to pickup Shield. ^^ 
Also! Welcome back and bring us more pokémon art please! :3 
PookaDoodle's avatar
Thank you! Oh man, I think there'll be no escaping the pokemon art for a bit again from me, ha!
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You're welcome! :'3 
Yaay! Pokémon artworks r blessing from u. :3 
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The development of Farfetch’d , I think awesome! :love:

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It's pretty exciting! :)
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Out of all the furry art, fetishes, and all this bullshit (>.< Owo UwU "N") yours is actually appealing 
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Lol, I am gathering there is a lot of kink stuff around this guy but I honestly have been lucky enough (or not online enough?) to run into a single instance of it yet. Afraid to go looking. XD He's gonna stay a good innocent traveling birb knight in my head for as long as I can keep it that way.

Also, thank you!
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I think most people who actually give a crap about art try to make their art appealing. 
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I had to make a new favorites folder called “normal art” because I didn’t want this to be mixed in with the 13 pics of fetish art in my favorites.(The fetish Art was collected for my friend Eggmanland) Someone took a screenshot of my faves page and edited it into Harvey birdman’s Desk calendar a couple weeks ago.

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The legend of Sirfetch'd! I want to draw him with a link suit it will match with his sword and shield X)

Otherwise I think I will get the Sword since I prefer the legendary pokemon and my friend will get Shield. >^<
And the more I saw publicity on that game, the more I want it!
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Lol, oh my gosh, please do this Link mashup??

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Yes I'll do!
Do you want to be tagged perhaps?
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knight birb is ready
To arms My Knights death is better than defeat.
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Words can't express how weirdly excited I am for thos one. I've had a fascination with Farfetch'd since the beginning. What I really want now is, like, super well done art in the style of the Smash Bros. "newcomer" images that says "SIRFETCH'D - He's fought in WARS, kid!" It's a reference to an old doodle I did once of a grizzled, war-worn Farfetch'd with a jagged scar in his bill, a permanent Clint Eastwood style squint-scowl, greying feathers, and a shotglass of hard liqour in his hand-wing, saying "I've fought in WARS, kid..." in a voice like a shallow grave.
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Wait shouldn’t he be Roninfetch’d? Or Ruronifetch’d?
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