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Cringing Croc

By PookaDoodle
Yarrg, my gallery is a solid block of sketch dumps and commissions anymore. Have a self-indulgent little painting thing. Gonna try to do more of this.

Playing with traditional media has done strange things to my digital stuff.
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Mikeyval3ds's avatar
Dude....can I just say how amazing the art on this guy's gallery.
SaitamaTale's avatar
Makes me think of the croc in Princess and the Frog
Damej's avatar
Looks like Spike from The Land Before Time
DrawMagic101's avatar
Looks like the one from where's my water
Master-Gaster's avatar
The alligator from Princess and The Frog?
trinitytgl11's avatar
Awwww what a cute lil' bab ;v;
Garret6000's avatar
My face when i cringe
mrjim208's avatar
I misread it as "Cringing Cock."
Gian16's avatar
Excellent coloring and character!!! GOOD STYLE!!Nod 
JHMirda's avatar
Aww don't feel so sad dude.
TINMAN2406's avatar
Interesting painting
The-White-Raven39's avatar
Did Mama Odie take away his trumpet?
PookaDoodle's avatar
Ha! I loved that crocodile!
Meriinu's avatar
aw this is adorable
Makuraiac's avatar
I can't help but feel sorry for him every time I see him, poor little thing!
Clamchowderd's avatar
That's totally cute...until he decides to eat you, that is, lol
BelPetr's avatar
Excellent work.
PKiva's avatar
firephoenixx456's avatar
poor croc *gibes all the hugs*
davanart's avatar
I love this! Especially his expression :D
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