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Samus Portrait

I've been wanting to work on another Samus fanart piece for a while, and finally found the time to whip something up!

When I played Metroid and Super Metroid, I always viewed Samus as a hardass. Someone with a no-BS, somewhat military-esque attitude. After the more recent titles in the series, I'm not sure Nintendo had that in mind for the character, but that's how I always viewed her growing up, and how I kinda wanted to portray her in this image.

Now I need to run through Super Metroid again.
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I love this and I use it as my iPad wallpaper.

Who doesn't like a Beautiful pinup of SA. This however  is fantastic to see her during part of her profession.
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I'm by no means against sensual depictions of women, hell I'm a big fan of um! But I'm with you as far as Samus goes. Nice to see her in true ass kicking form and not depicted as a pin-up for once.
awesome and beautiful 
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Looks freaking phenomenal. Well done. The textures and facial expression are top notch. Art style is immediately gripping, I love it a lot.
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Well in the prologue of Super Metroid looking at her one eye denotes a stoic personality. Look at Cloud Strife or Jon Snow I think of Samus more like them than a "hardass". Just my opinion. At least I don't think of her as a someone who monologues to hell and back and is stuck in a flashback memory daze when confronted by remnants of her past in Other M.
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I always appreciate when someone draws Samus like a female Doomguy instead of a Disney Princess.
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This is my new mobile wallpaper, just so you know. 
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Looks totally awesome!!
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That looks fricken AWESOME
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This is still much better than all of over sexualized character image that other artist did
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Yup she still one of the of the chars I'd ever wanna piss off and it's nice to see some one capture her true self in facial expression I love it
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Nice work, its always good to see samus being seen like this.
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I'm glad you share the same view as I have of samas basically someone who is tough and toes the line between bringing those to justice (for a price of course) and being a full vengeful adult who has all things considered some of the most traumatic experiences a fictional child can go through.

And in the background a subtle depiction of ridley? Brilliant!
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DAMN! That is the definition of BADASS! Great job!
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I enjoy it, when people share the same way of how to see Samus as I do. I am also not any happy with the details being shown of her in the recent games. Especially Other M - it was a good game, no question, but there the character was double screwed. 1) She usually was that whiny little kid, that really didn't suit the badass interstellar bounty hunter. Not at all. 2) She actually served in military? Like how, with a suit nobody else ever had? That story about her being raised by the Chozo sounds a lot more believable. I do like Other M, but everything being shown and said about Samus in that game totally doesn't make me happy.

Your picture here just hits it. As I said on your other picture, even though you kept her given design with the hair and the like, it's awesome how you didn't show her as that stupid sexy bitch, known as Zero Suit Samus. I would only say, she looks a little too angry for my taste. I imagine Samus as a very calm and controlled person, who'd usually wear something like a poker face. But I'd be fully happy with this scene, as if it's her success over a heavy enemy and her eyes saying "that's what you get for messing around".

Great picture, thank you. Once again, my respect! You as the art director for a Metroid movie. If that'd come, I would have never been less patient to see the result before.
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