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Samus Aran

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Seeing as Super Metroid is one of my favorite games of all time, I felt it necessary to finally do up some fanart of Samus!

Downloading the file yields a much higher res image for your enjoyment, just so yah know. :)
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many fan belive is samus who blow the planet Zebes but is mother brain by try to take down samus with her! you know the old cliche when the evil lose and active the self destruct systems to kill the heroes! but no the fan belive is Samus a do it, you know to be more cool in thier mind but is not true!
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This reminds me of my first battle with Samus against the space pirates. I like that.
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The song Indestructible by The Disturbed just ended in my mind when I see this pic.
Can't say that I like seeing Samus this damaged, but still, impressive work.
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Red-IndicatorHobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely great picture there! You really showed some love to Super Metroid with this piece. It's not only for the visual quality, which is like optical candy with all the fine lighting and details. The most striking thing here is the whole scenery, which perfectly shows the end of an incredibly fight. Samus with her highly damaged - almost destroyed - suit and being wounded, that's the final scene a Metroid movie could show just like that. I am also glad, despite you staying with the given design of her person, that you didn't show her so rediculously sexy as she's mostly shown these days, when something is revealed without suit.

Really awesome picture. You deserve all the respect as an artist with it, as we can give!

I would like to download a high-res version, but when clicking on Download, the window gives feedback of a broken file. Can I get a bigger version somewhere?
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I'm usually 100% negative about people painting her in Zero Suit, but IN THIS BADASS CONTEXT AND RENDITION, it can pass. :squee:
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mast3rlinkx1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, my issue is not with the Zero Suit itself at all, but with how it's usually used. The suit itself makes a lot of sense, far more than the bikini suit of old. It makes more sense to have the full coverage suit underneath armor, and I don't doubt the Zero Suit would also serve as an intermediary between the suit and her body, work as part of the direct integration of the Power Suit with her body. 

I have also seen some other very good uses of the Zero Suit, all of which did not ridiculously scale up her boobs and had it show off her athleticism more than her endowment, and generally gave her more realistic proportions for a woman. Here's an example of another well-done usage of the Zero Suit, where it focuses on an athletic look for Samus.
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That other example show her exactly as she was in Zero Mission :)
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mast3rlinkx1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, kind of ironic that the original appearance of the Zero Suit was the least sexualized depiction from the official games.
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...i agree i wish they would do a remake of it without the "shooter stuff"
and the remade soundtrack
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Holy cow. Go make the covers for the next few Metroid releases. Heck, do this for any game series. Amazing work.
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I wouldn't exactly call 1280x731 vs. 900x514 "much higher res".  More like "marginally higher res".

Regardless, it's damned excellent artwork!  :D
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poojipooProfessional Filmographer
Hrm!  That's odd, it used to be around 1920x1080-ish.  Not sure what happened there.
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lousassyHobbyist General Artist
WOW! if only Nintendo would make animated series or movies that look like this. This is extreme. I love it!
You know what would be funny? If she was crawling on the floor to get a 1up shroom. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE THIS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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SCIPCIONStudent General Artist
is extreme good :), I love this....... is very very good!!!!!!!
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Beautiful piece of work! Best I've seen (so far) of Mother Brain. Guess it looks better dead. Love the lighting, as well as battle damage on Samus.
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if there was a movie to this game this scene has to make it no matter what. this picture is greatness in its own right FREAKING AMAZING
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Great lighting! Beautiful work!
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sunnsunsoftHobbyist Traditional Artist
What a Great Work....
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RoninxTemariProfessional General Artist
<<< wow it looks just like me...
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dude ... not THAT is a battle i would want to see

a metroid movie would be pretty epic if they did it right and this is how i'd like to see it
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poojipooProfessional Filmographer
They tried at some point, but I think Nintendo pulled the plug 'cuz they were worried about another Mario movie, haha... It would be tough to pull off, what with Samus being mute most of the time (and the few times she wasn't, it had... mixed results), but I think there's possibilities yet unexplored...!
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TheMoonfallStudent Artist
Best fan art I've seen of Metroid, ever.
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Wow... This shit just got real. Brilliant work.
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