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Sakura Kasugano

Sakura from Street Fighter! Can't draw her without a bit of panty shot action! Teehee!
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PanicMan's avatar
This is truly amazing🌟
raiderswing's avatar
this is fucking awesome
DimensionMoth's avatar
I love her...sOoooo much....
Orionh's avatar
LOL, fun verison of Sakura XD
XtheXKXX's avatar
The way you defined the muscles is amazing!:0
freeza-frost's avatar
sexy one! love her muscles here! :)
ThiaminaTenn's avatar
wow, very strong and powerful. great work!
Castle85's avatar
Oh niiice dude, this looks like it was done with some special brush, mind telling me about what brush you used here? ^^

Again, kick ass.
poojipoo's avatar
Nope, no special brush! I just use a round brush with flow and size pressure sensitivity. :)
chibikeiichi's avatar
This looks great! It's a different art style than you typically see, sure, but it's still amazing and really captures her spirit I think. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more comments D:>
ArrowRinehart's avatar
Very awesome work with the way you draw, I am definitely enjoying the Sakura ^^, very kind work I must say xD
kika1983's avatar
nice forshorten! good colour work again!
leomon32's avatar
She looks cool the way you draw her :)
mecomar's avatar
of course that's the only way to draw her.
Bluespira's avatar
Yay one of the few gal characters I can stand. hehe
She looks so cute and like she's going to break someone's face. XD
My favorite part is her right thigh its awesome.
Gamersdan's avatar
nice pic I love the colors shades and the pose

PS there bloomers (sports pants) not panties
poojipoo's avatar
Yeah, but "bloomer shot" doesn't quite have the same ring to it. :D

StarBomber109's avatar
Heheh, Fanservice.

And still amazing! Great job man.
14993R's avatar
Awesome work!
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