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Naruto vs Sasuke II - Quick tutorial


I've finished a bunch more scenes from my Naruto vs Sasuke animation and figured I'd post a short shot with a little step-by-step process explained!  It's not much, but I hope it helps.  :)

As you can see above, I have 3 separate animations at different stages of the process.  Here’s a breakdown:

[1] I always start out with a scribble test to get the general idea of what I’m doing.  It’s ugly, it’s dirty, but it’s a very important first step!  You never want to start out straight in to detailed drawings with animation.  Make sure you’re happy with the motion first, then worry about good drawings.

[2] I then did up a naked mannequin rough to figure out what I’m doing with the body.  No details on the face or clothes yet, just want to make sure I have my general proportions and anatomy where I want them.  I also worked out a lot more of the motion.  I made tweaks in the final, but I’m setting things in stone here.

[3] Finally, I dress it up, tie it down.  If you look closely, different parts of Naruto’s body are different colors.  This is because I worked in passes.  In cases with this many moving parts, it’s best to focus on one thing at a time for the best motion.  First,  I started out with his clothes.  This allowed me to experiment with how I had the cloth flapping around in the wind without worrying about the rest of what’s going on.  After that, I worked out the hands and face.  Getting the volumes of the face right can be a bit tricky when turning it in space, but there’s a few tricks I might do another little tutorial gif on in the future. Finally, I did the hair then bandana in a similar fashion as the clothes.

Hope that’s helpful to some folks!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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Awesome dude

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O..hell...ducking yes!!
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Thats some good Sakuga
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Never mind, I looked at the files speculations and read that it was '24-25'fps. I will just say that it is 24 because that is "Kosher" for animators.
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What is your finishing frame rate?
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How long did this take?
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Wooow! This is so cool!
but I have two questions bothering me.
Do you recommend to re-draw every frame even if is slightly different? Like for example in a simple dialogue only the jaw goes down when speak. I'm not sure when you should "recycle" drawings for saving time without it feels unnatural.
And: any tips for making the clean-out lines straight and smooth? Sometimes I have problems with the thickness because of the pen's pressure when joining lines and the animation looks too sketchy...

thank you a lot for this tut! Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely Wink) [V3] 
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Hi there!  Thank you for the kind words!  :)

To answer your questions:  1)  NOPE!  Unless you're doing Disney style traditional animation with $100,000,000 budgets, you're probably going to have a lot of held drawings.  That means, you animate characters in to a pose, then hold them there for a while.  For a lot of dialog sequences, it's recommended that you only animate the mouth (and likely jaw) once you get in to a held position.  How often you "recycle" or reuse drawings depends largely on the budget of the project.  For super low budget projects, reuse becomes a necessity.  For higher budget projects, you can do more and more unique drawings and overall animation.

I often work in Flash, so for clean lines, I can use smoothing tools to fix up my janky lines.  In Photoshop, I generally make broad, quick strokes to counteract the shaky sketchy lines i might get, then erase away any overlapped lines I might have from overshooting.

Hope that helps some!  :)
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ohh, I see that makes sense!
Thank you for the answer, you saved my sanity jaja xDDD
I'll try to do that and put it into practice! Again thaaanks~

Keep doing that great job, I'd love to see more! Love 
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we gotta love you
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Oh! This is great, I'm trying to learn to animate myself. I have a hideous habit of not properly fleshing out my skeletons before I get things going and then sit there scratching my head like "How comes this doesn't look quite right?" Because you didn't lay a proper foundation and now you wanna know why the house is tilted you dummy! XD
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could i color this gif, is amazing
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Very awesome work sir !, Thank you very much for explaining to us the process.
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Try to do this in color !!
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Haha, I will try to at least have a clip or two in full color some day.  :)
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Ok waiting :) i want to learn how do animation 
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I do not watch this anime, but kewl :D
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Part 3, is a personal problem for me and hearing your reason why you have them different colors sheds a whole knew light on how to breakdown properly. Your clean up is simply fantastic by the way.
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