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Castlevania Release Illustration

Castlevania is OFFICIALLY UP ON NETFLIX!! To celebrate, here's a piece of art I put together for the occasion! I hope you all enjoy the show! There's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears poured in to it!
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Just found this after finishing season4! Amazing job!!

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Nice work dude! Can't wait the second season!
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Just finished watching season 2. This is one of the greatest series I've watched this year. Can't wait to see what happens next. This art needs to be my pc wallpaper 
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Finally watched the first and second seasons and loved every second of it! Looking forward to the next one!

Awesome work!
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We're getting a second season this summer. I'm excited.
poojipoo's avatar
Yup, we're workin' hard to make it as great as we can!
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My sister was so annoyed with me when I failed to mention that season 1 only had 4 episodes.
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Can't wait for season 2
xYorutenshi's avatar
Binged watched the show twice. The art was so lovely and voice acting was killer!
JezzLundkvistArt's avatar
I just saw it, and I fell in love with it! Never played the games but who cares, this show is amazing!! Need more of it...
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So, I've now watched the entire first season and I am like almost everyone else I've encountered: I want more of this. Besides, I'm so thankful that I decided for a more traditional style animation. It suits it perfectly and I love traditional. Lately it seems that every cartoon, old or new is being done ( or redone in some cases) with a more 3D style, typical computer stuff. And I'm not into that, unless you give something like Final Fantasy or the likes. This is a masterpiece and if I was a better artist I would be on my knees asking to join the project.
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This series is way more than what I was expecting and believe me, I was expecting something really good. I just watched the first episode and WOW! I found it to be visually stunning and the plot/ story was really well done. We have valid motives fro Dracula to start a genocide ( Okay, perhaps not the right motives but valid enough. Only someone that has lost like the character did would understand.) and the whole animation was something else. 
The studio lacks some experience in the fighting scenes and due to the small quantity of the episodes the plot was rather rush, but nonetheless, it'll be good for them to deliver the story more thoroughly afterwards.
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I have just watched the series and I am in love with it... and with you art ;). Great job, dude. Thank you very much.
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I am SO HAPPY that this was made! I absolutely LOVE the Castlevania games! I really love the characters, Storylines and I am incredibly picky about my vampires. I look forward to seeing more of the series :3 Also, does the series start in between game 1 and 2? It seems like it does
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The series is basically a retelling of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, which takes place a few centuries before the days of Simon Belmont.  :)
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I am curious, isn't Alucard formerly Trevor Belmont? Why have both in the story at the same time?
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The series is based on the original Castlevania canon rather than Lords of Shadow, and specifically on Castlevania III on NES. In the original lore, Trevor and Alucard are different characters, Trevor being a human Belmont and Alucard the half-human son of Dracula. :)
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Ah, ok :) I cannot wait to see more episodes!
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Am I the only one who thinks Trevor Belmont looks like Ezio from Assassin's Creed?
el-vinas's avatar
that alucard ,he definitly got that vibe from the original alucard,waiting for the next season
Raikarasu's avatar
This show was SO GOOD! Can't wait for season 2!
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