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Welcome to PonySculptors!

A place for pony sculptures, and the people who create/enjoy them!

All pony sculptors and appreciators are welcome to join. Any pony or character from the show that is sculpted or carved by hand can be shared here. If you're an aspiring pony sculptor or a how-it's-made fan, check out the WIP gallery!


:bulletgreen: What we accept

We accept sculpted and carved figures featuring MLP:FiM characters. Figures can be any type and any material as long as they're crafted by hand.

:bulletyellow: Can I submit customs?

The figure must be original work - if it was made from a pre-existing pony base, such as a toy or 3D print, it will not be accepted into the gallery. (However, the original sculpt would be allowed if submitted by the creator.)

:bulletgreen: Can I submit WIPs?

Yes! Works in progress are accepted and encouraged - it's a great way to learn from each other's work!

:bulletgreen: What about OC's?

Original characters are welcome as long as they are inspired by or stylistically consistent with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

:bulletorange: Anything else?

PonySculptors is open to pony fans of all ages. If your sculpture contains mature and/or graphic subject matter, we may choose not to display it in the gallery.

:bulletgreen: Where do I submit?

Submit directly to the folder that says--well, "SUBMIT"--and we'll take it from there.

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: This group is intended for made-from-scratch ponies only. As much as we love them, customs and 3D printed works will not be accepted into the gallery.


Contact uBrosis or fatalerror328 on skype to join our skype chat! It's great for socializing and getting sculpting advice!

If you need help or have questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks for contributing!

Gallery Folders

Cyberpunk 2077 Rarity's bust by Shuxer59
MLP:FIM Ranibow Dash and OC Written Word by uBrosis
Lightning Dust (Commission) by H1PpezZ
Vinyl Scratch Sculpture by anotherdeadrat
Single Pony Sculpts
Rarity v1 n v2 by Furi-kun
Rarity commission by sparkle257
arizona by lef-fa
Scootaloo's Harley by Malte279
Multiple Pony Sculpts
Apple Bloom N Sweetie Belle Musical Teeter Totter  by MadPonyScientist
Apple Bloom n Sweetie Belle Musical Teeter Totter by MadPonyScientist
Mane 6 Baby Pony Playpen Set by MadPonyScientist
MLP:FIM Ranibow Dash and OC Written Word multi by uBrosis
Big Sculpts
Alacord or possibly Discorak. by PrototypeSpaceMonkey
28 inch tall Fluttershy Statue WIP by EarthenPony
Very Big Mac by EarthenPony
Giant Luna! by EarthenPony
FoE OC: Ziti by uBrosis
FoE OC: Ziti multi by uBrosis
FoE OC: Dazzler by uBrosis
FoE OC: Dazzler multi by uBrosis
Mechanized and or Functional
Vinyl Scratch by renegadecow
Princess Luna's Double Martini w/lights! by EarthenPony
Rainbow With a Dash of Vodka. For sale! by EarthenPony
Flutterbat Spirits by EarthenPony
Anthros, Humans and other non pony ponies
Swimsuit Princess Celestia by chyvak
Swimsuit Princess Cadence by chyvak
Swimsuit Princess Luna by chyvak
Rainbow Dash by CrosslineAnimator
Buildings and Locations
Final test by Soobel
Minimaailm2015,Tallinn by Soobel
Clover Cafe by Soobel
Swings by Soobel
Not sculptures but group related
The Pony sculptor group statistics 2020 by uBrosis
The Pony scupltor group statistics 2019 by uBrosis
The Pony scupltor group statistics 2018 by uBrosis
The Pony scupltor group statistics 2016 by uBrosis
Mi little little pony Princess Luna by JOPUTAPELIRROJO
Candy Mane by Nachtana
cmc's by dantethehuman
Figure of OC Milkmare Treble Fire by DyllanFaust
Making of Multi Purpose wooden sculpture by Malte279
Comission advertisement
Stray Grass: Polymer Clay Figurines by StrayC70
Commission - Queen Chrysalis and Starlight Glimmer by StrayC70








8th Year Anniversary! Our little group has now survived for eight whole years! Even though they show ended we still get a small but steady flow of new sculptures added to the group and with the the new movie and Gen 5 on the horizon hopefully they will bring with them alot of new sculptures and sculptors! As usuall we in the admin department was unable to come up with something special for this anniversary so we will just have to do as in previous three years and spotlight some random sculptures from the various gallery folders! Due to Eclipse it will look abit different from previous years. From the Featured folder we have:
Daring Do
Tempest Shadow Woodwork
By CadmiumCrab and xofox From the Single folder we have:
Spitfire is serious business
injustrial OC
by EarthenPony and Blindfaith-boo
From the Multiple folder we have:
Mini Ponies
Some figures
by clumbsyangel and Dalagar
From the Big sculptures folder we have:
LARGE 16 inch PRINCESS LUNA  sculpture 4 sale
Lyra sea pony sculpture side right
by MadPonyScientist and Miiishy From the Miniature folder we have:
Baby Fluttershy
Tempest mini figure
by mortonflies and BomzZzik
From the Mechanized and/or functional folder we have:
Rainbow With a Dash of Vodka. For sale!
OCTAVIA the Black Swan musical figurine custom
by EarthenPony and MadPonyScientist
From the folder with all the non pony ponies we have:
Lyra's debut
by dantethehuman and Taigennin Laslty From the Building/location folder we have:
Ponyville houses
A House
Both by Soobel
Thank you all for staying with us over the past eight years! Onto a new year filled with new great sculptures!
Oh and there will be no statistics this year, due to harddrive failure all the stat documents were lost and have to be remade, as you all probably will understand that will take quite some time. Hopefully the stats will be remade in time for next year and the stat picture be back!
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The-Duke-Abides Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2018
Anyone interested in creating a custom Pony Trophy Topper for our Brony Fantasy Football league? My idea is Applejack bucking a football, but I'm open to other design ideas (pegasus/unicorn/alicorn)... Just some gold paint as the only decoration. Between 4 and 6 inches tall.

Yes, this is a paying gig! Please message me with some examples of your work if you are interested, and we'll discuss a price.

uBrosis Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018
Out of curiosity, have you found anyone to make that sculpture yet?
Ridleyman9000 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
Hey, I'm making some little sculptures of some OC's from the game "Them's Fightin' Herds" and I was wondering if I could even post those in Ponysculptors.  The game is sorta related to MLP... kinda   just was curious.
uBrosis Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018
Bloody heck DA why did you not alert me that someone had written something here!!!

ahem... hmmm well to me it would be fine since it started as a mlp game and is in a similar style and such but I'm gonna hear with the others what they think about it before I can give you a clear answer.
Ridleyman9000 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018
lol okay.
uBrosis Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018
Well soo far I have only heard form one other mod and he did not seem to mind it so go ahead and upload them :)
as long as they are SFW that is :P
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Merionic Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Ok, so... an original figurine hand-sculpted by an artist is allowed in  the group, but a resin cast of such figurine is not? And why is that? :/
uBrosis Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2017
As the rules say, yes only original sculpted or carved sculptured are allowed.
Resin casts are not allowed since it's a cast and by definition a copy of a piece.
Merionic Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
You don't know the definition of sculpture, do you? By your standards even Donatello's David is not a sculpture because hurr durr, it's a bronze cast. :P
uBrosis Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2017
And I can only assume that you have a hard time reading what I'm writing since I never said that casts are not sculptures.
But this is still a group for "Hand sculpted or carved" sculptures and your complaining won't change that.

And do refrain from personal attacks, they will only make yourself look bad.
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