Ponyscape v0.4 Patched!!

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Hi Everypony!!

The patched version of Ponyscape 0.4 is here!!  Currently, the Windows, 64-bit Linux, Mac OS X 10.6,  10.7, and 10.8 packages are available!  The Linux package was built on Linux Mint 14, but it should work on most up-to-date distributions.  On Windows, download the zip file and extract it using 7zip or winrar and run ponyscape.exe.  On Linux, download the deb package and install it by running "sudo dpkg -i <filename>" or by using a GUI package installer of your choice.  On Mac OS X, open the dmg package, drag Ponyscape.app to the Applications folder, and launch Ponyscape.app from your Applications folder.  For this patch version, I revamped the Linux package so that everything is now installed in a separate directory from Inkscape and you now run "ponyscape" instead of "inkscape" from a terminal.  Additionally I revamped the Mac OS package so that it's now called Ponyscape.app (and I tweaked it a bit so it runs smoother).

You can get the binary packages here (md5's are provided for checksumming):

Windows: ponyscape.org/downloads/ponysc…
md5: f893672cf43313184b174b88bea3ee96

Linux: ponyscape.org/downloads/ponysc…
md5: d014652ec3b30b0d0365ac93333f9d11

Mac OS X 10.8 (x11): ponyscape.org/downloads/Ponysc…
md5: e524242ff8bf619917ac36c0f7d329c1

:new:Mac OS X 10.8 (non x11): ponyscape.org/downloads/Ponysc…
md5: f955ca6d5ceab21f147b953281148990

Mac OS X 10.7 (non x11): ponyscape.org/downloads/Ponysc…
md5: d96aee8ddf600141211422fc83ddc4dd

Mac OS X 10.6 (non x11): ponyscape.org/downloads/Ponysc…
md5: 80da15a4f39830acf5759cf4bd9ca3a0

Alternatively, you can download the entire source code and compile from scratch.  I can confirm that compiling works on Windows and Linux, the Mac OS build requires some tweaking but should work if you replace the files in /packaging/macosx with the files found here: www.mediafire.com/?3m26zczoyvx… .  Compilation instructions can be found on Inkscape's wiki ( [link] ).

Source: ponyscape.org/downloads/ponysc…
md5: d7a6e283b01a1677cecccfbccd3f9c15

Here's what's included in this patched release:

:bulletblue: Fixed swatch button in Fill & Stroke Dialog

:bulletblue: Increased size of the swatch bar at the bottom

:bulletblue: Fixed some random swatch setting issues (thanks to tgolyi for a patch which helped with this!)

:bulletblue: Fixed "Edit path on canvas" in Path-Effects dialog (patch by tgolyi, big thanks to him!)

:bulletblue: Improved swatch efficiency!!

:bulletblue: Included experimental path-effects in the Linux build

And now a quick legal disclosure (only because I have to :p).  This software is provided as-is and without any warranty.  Misuse of this software or use of this software in an illegal nature is in no way the fault of the developer or the upstream Inkscape development team.  The developers are not responsible for any loss or damages that may occur while using the software.  This software is licensed under the GPL version 2.0, a copy of which will be provided upon request.  Inkscape itself is licensed under the GPL, and is free and open-source software, meaning I am allowed to modify and redistribute the source code and/or binaries.

I hope this patched release will fix any issues you guys may have been having from upgrading to 0.4!  I will be working on more bugfixes and improvements for 0.5, so if anyone has any feature suggestions, feel free to contact me!

:iconflutterguy317: flutterguy317

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is this safe to download?

CrazyBrothersStyleR2's avatar
Ponyscape-Vectors tell me how  download this vector?
SgtKamato's avatar
by thecumulonimbus "Dunno if you still want it, but I found it here :) (Smile) www.mediafire.com/download/55e…"
TaraEagle's avatar
i cant download the windows version...
suethehedghog29's avatar
the links keep bringing me to pages that don't have the downloads or anything about ponyscape
WhitewolfStormrunner's avatar
I have one question about Ponyscape.

Okay, I have an Inkscape extension (app; whichever) on my laptop, and I would like VERY much to get Ponyscape for it, too.

There's just one TEENY l'il problem (from MY point of view, anyway): my laptop if a Samsung Chromebook.

So my question is: IS there a version of this FOR Chromebook?

Just thought I'd ask.
HeyItsShuga's avatar
Is there a mirror for macOS (latest version)? Seems like the original domain was pumped with sketchy ads and all the links are broken.
Steampunk-Brony's avatar
It doesn't work. I can't download it. I just have this page ww2.ponyscape.org/downloads/po…
thecumulonimbus's avatar
Dunno if you still want it, but I found it here :) www.mediafire.com/download/55e…
Sillylittledog's avatar
So I cant use this because you stopped working on it? Couldn't you keep the old one up, even if it no longer gets updated? I really wanted to see why Ponyscape is better for vectoring in the mlp style then just the regular inkscape... Also, why does the windows download link lead to "How to Fight Asthma Flare-ups When You Have Allergies"???
thecumulonimbus's avatar
If you still want it, I found it here. \o/ www.mediafire.com/download/55e…
Equinox3141's avatar
I had to update my computer software recently, and now I can't download my favorite software.

Is there anyway to get ponyscape for os x 10.7?
Mckinnley's avatar
I'd really love it if someone could put up a mirror for this. People keep saying that the features in this will come out with Inkscape 0.92 but guess what? Inkscape 0.92 isn't out yet. I would hope there would be a mirror of this available until Inkscape releases the new build, seems kind of weird to stop hosting it because "at some point in the near future you will be able to use something similar"
Fanfic-Of-Faith's avatar
Hello Flutterguy,

I was trying to download the Windows binary Ponyscape in Windows 10, but I cannot download it because the page or download was not found. Can you help me?

BackgroundUser's avatar
the source

I need the source
ForgottenLogic's avatar
Oml the windows one wont work. It just says the website doesnt exist ;;
TotallyCarbon's avatar
read the journal, ponyscape has been discontinued. The good news is that all the feature that were in it are being built into inkscape version 0.92. Which should be coming out soon and you can grab the beta of it from their website.
Yeah its sad though, I loved working in ponyscape on my old laptop and I came to download it again only to find it gone.
babyroxasman's avatar
Oh okay great because I accidentally downloaded both scapes so the mods that were in Ponyscape didn't show up but I could still get the mlp colors
TheGrinningReaper09's avatar
Ugh this is so annoying I don't even know how to install it properly..
Cottonball1014's avatar
Do you have a mac, linux, or windows computer? I can help you with Windows
TheGrinningReaper09's avatar
I have a windows laptop yes
Cottonball1014's avatar
If you do have windows 10, right click the folder and click unzip. I'm actually not completely sure whether you need to right click. However, just get to a point where you can click unzip/the unzipping menu pops up.

Now, select the Ponyscape file and click "Extract" (Blue minus button). Choose where to save it, and, well, save it.

Sorry if those instructions were bit hard to understand; its been a while since I have unzipped something. But I'm sure its something along that line. Finding the unzip button shouldn't be too hard, and from there on it only gets simpler.

Hope everything helps!!
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