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''Ultimate Power''...Yes, I'm back!

Argument and photoshop montage art by Invisibleguy Ponyman.
Office illustration from:…
My Little Pony FIM, are property of HASBRO. All rights reserved.
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ah, the faceless nine too five
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plz how do i rejoin the fandom and feel like a brony again?
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Tell me your story. Maybe I can help you!^^
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Well I became a brony late 2012 and loved the show, i got into it from brony music which I loved. i dont know what happened but over the past year I have just had less interest in ponies even though i still love the show. I guess i really want to feel the atmosphere of equestria like i used to but i just cant. I am not sure if i am too busy nowadays or what but i noticed in season 4 that i wasnt as amazingly excited about new episodes as i was back in S3.
Hope this makes sense.
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I understand how you feel, sometimes I feel it.
My fuel comes from the fandom. Seeing all the work that the fans post in the internet, encourages me so much!
Of course there are bad things and people who call themselves fans but criticize everything that happens on the show or on the fandom,
But the factor that matters is...Do you like what you see and do?
If this inspires you, if every time you post something you feel good, this is the basis to continue.

I stopped to do my posts for a while, by labor issues. During this time I felt empty. When I resumed my posts, I felt alive again, not because I've expected that the people praising my new works, but because I wanted to continue to externalize my ideas, people like it or not.
I hope this helps,
but if you want to talk more about, you can tell me.
Just don't expect immediate responses, because, for now, I have little time to use the internet. ^^

And don't
be put off by negative reviews of the show. Remember that the fandom exists to complete things missing from the show, making a quiet episode into something fun
and sometimes very deep.
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Very true and thanks so much! I should probably start trying to find the time to upload my artworks again. One problem I have had with artworks is that I found a way to improve my wallpapers by drawing the vectors myself. But this is usually time consuming and getting ideas can be hard, but I don't really feel like going back to my old ways of using other peoples vectors. Kinda in a bit of a dilemma at the moment. what do you think I should do?

As for immediate responses thats ok, I only usually check my Deviantart every few days (but lately I have been on more frequently)
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As long as you credit the vectors, no problem.
I do this frequently. But lately, I'm tired of it myself.
I might also start to do my own work lines, developing dolls to my pages.
Maybe you can make a puppet, its help you.
Will have a
bit of work, but then, you can use it at will.
For example, in the "petting flash animations", I've created a puppet, based on a single Flash Sentry vector.
It was laborious, but then I was able to use him at will, as
much as you want, because the doll will be divided into layers and you can change his position, using him various times.
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thanks for the idea! Might try that :3
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You're welcome. :)
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Yay! Good to have you back. :)
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ponymanglad:iconsays3plz: Yes! I'm back!
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The group: YEEEAAAHHH !!!
sorry for half time you meet have is very many.
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Many Thanks! (Sorry by the delay to reply).
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I finished reading your main comic a couple months ago...

Hearing your come back make me must read them again to make sure 
I was ready for the Hype! :D
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ponymanglad:iconsays3plz: Thanks! I will resume the things where I left, and others more!
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