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Published: March 8, 2014
You can drop your suggestions here.
All the ideas are welcomed, even the craziest ones.

Even if I don't reply, I always read and note all your ideas.

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Is there a downloadable version of this so we don't have to rely on an internet connection to use this super useful tool?  Absolutely love it.
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I think you should be able two have two wing colors. Like my oc. I want to make her and I can. But her hair type is not in it and colored wings. I hope you consider my idea. Along with the mane style. I would really like her mane style to be in it
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I think facial hair (beard and mustache) would be a clever idea, for the stallions
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My idea is for a Kirin set; should that be possible.  I'm also not sure if my Kirin OC personally should have carp fish whiskers and draconic claws like the original Chinese Qilin or not, but those could be cool to have in either case for experimentation's sake.
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how about a jacket if somepony gets cold? just a suggestion because i make my friends ponies and one of them recently wanted to know if i can put a jacket or a sweeter on the pony? plus not to be over annoying here but could you possibly a couple of items like: ring, levitating a ring box, levitating a salad bowl, levitating a cake, or a drink if not that's cool all i am just worried and asking about is the sweeter or a jacket.

please contact me at nightmaremoon@email.com
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Sketch-Berry|Hobbyist Digital Artist
please add changlings and kirins a a a (also i love the models. keep it up!!)
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DuchessBooBerry|Hobbyist General Artist
could you possibly have Carrot Top's maine be two separate pieces? I really want to use the back of her hair with different bangs
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Rebelbastard1|Hobbyist Artist
Would you be able to put in more mane and tail styles ?
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ComedicWriter|Hobbyist Digital Artist
More accessories, specifically some sort of jacket like thing.
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thebluee53|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was thinking about asking about Shinning Armors mane and tail with cutie mark
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An option for lipstick. 
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Hello, i was wondering if you could add the man six's parents mane's/ accessories and Cutiemarks 
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George9000|Student Filmographer
You should add a fourth box with color at Celestia mane and Celestia tail
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Platypusrocks|Hobbyist General Artist
I have a Changeling OC, and I love 3D Pony Creator, but I think perhaps it could use some better Changeling parts, like maybe the reformed versions (horns, wings, tails :D). I'd love it if you could add that, maybe! 
Also, beards and mustaches could be a good idea. 
Otherwise, 3D Pony Creator is purely AWESOME!!!
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thebluee53|Hobbyist Digital Artist
possible other hat things such as a fezz and facile hair 
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Jacobpstrong|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rainbow Dashes Shades/Sunglasses 
Cybernetic Legs (you know, like the kind BlackJack Security has)
Royal Prince Outfit
Gala Gown (For Females)
More Backgrounds
Pony Animtronic Body Style
Tux (for Males)
Zombie Pony Body Style
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Could you add in diffrent types of models like hippogriefe or seapony. I could like it if you could have to or three models in the same scene
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Could you please add options for the new changeling designs?
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liam6969|Hobbyist Digital Artist
could you add king sombra's style, and tempest please :)
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please make more cool hair like celestias even if they dont have a princess they belong to
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HCShannonEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Facial hair
More accessories 
MMD files
More glasses
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it'd be cool to be able to have a lab coat like in Rainbow Factory
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hey i got one change you can make a world whare ou can walk arownd the world of mlp or some place else and make friends bye! :P
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It would be nice if you could make the fnaf pony models kinda like from five nights at pinkies or five nights at Aj's
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