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By PonyLumen
You can drop your suggestions here.
All the ideas are welcomed, even the craziest ones.

Even if I don't reply, I always read and note all your ideas.

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Hey, can you pleas update the program Ponylumen? I really love using it for 3D printing! But. It hasn't had an update in a loong while. I was wondering if you guys would be ok with updating it? Like add more hair. As that is one of the things i would like the most. Along with my other friends that are also ponylumen users. Anyways, Adding some new hair would be great! And maybe flutter shy's hoodie would be fantastic! Thanks' for you're time! I really hope you see this and add something new! Thank you. ~Niko

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I was wondering if you can make an eg version of this, and convert the pony into eg, and still have the same textures as your pony

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Is there a way to have closed bat wings, and if not could you eventually add them?

Hi, I really love your pony creator, but I was wondering if you could make it possible to add markings rather than choose them as a body colour. I want to create a pony OC for myself, but she needs at least three of the "body colours" (spots, pipsqueak and bare hooves 1. a possible 4th being muzzle) and right now this is not possible. I'd love to see it changed into two separate categories. one for body colour, which would be the base colour, and one for markings, where you could add any of the current markings (like the ones I mentioned) at will or choose to leave them out completely.

And could you please add rarities tail from the first episode of the series after her tail was cut off?


that one

If at all possible I'd also like the possibility to add a second pony, so you can position them to interact with eachother. this would help me a great deal and I'm sure it would help others too.

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Also add weapons

Possible Final Fantasy ponies

More spikey hair too

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Lion/feline tail

Ditto but with small flame at tip

Animatronic pony but with endoskeleton

OC Update

This is mostly for my OC though

2 ponie option

a pirate hook

a jump animation

and dresses

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I might have already suggested this in the past, but I want to suggest it again if any chance it's more possible now.

A "Download 3D model (.mdl)" option of download.

I know it's more complicated than that given the different compilers for Source Filmmaker and Garry's Mod, I'm just struggling turning my .smd into a .mdl even with the provided source files. (Can't get it to find the eyeball_r texture.) It be nice if the .mdl download option provided a choice for either SFM or GMod and will give a conveniant zipped file wth model and material/model.

If this is just impossible, would it be okay to update the .smd download to have filenames that match more with filenames used in the pony source files? Such as renaming righteye to eyeball_r... unless I am doing something wrong here to cause my compile to fail with eyeball_r

(I'd go as far as ask for auto-written .qc files to be included but that's perhaps asking for too much.)

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There should also be a model type for 3d printing for those who want to make a figurine of their OC

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I was wondering can you do mane and tail style like Starlight Glimmer? That would be so awesome!! Thank you

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Its 2020, and I don't know if you are still working on your 3D pony, but I have a couple suggestions. for one, can you include a long tail, like the Kirin? they have longer, skinnier tails with a tuft of fur on the end. I personally have an oc with that trait, and I see more Kirin ocs popping up. So this would be really cool. I also think it would be cool if you could include Rarities butterfly wings, as well as Sombra's horn into the collection. thank you for reading! :) Have a good day!
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Yeah! Like that!

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Do you think that, for things like the glasses, you could add a transparency value? My character uses colored lenses to kind of disguise his eye color, if you will, and I think that it would be a nice touch. Also, for the wet mane and wet tail, could you give the option to have more than just one color? I'd really appreciate it.
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i know its likely not gonna happen but id love to be able to 3d print me and my friends ocs so the option to save it as a .STL file would be awesome
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maybe add the crystal pony designs or ones from the new season

Is there a downloadable version of this so we don't have to rely on an internet connection to use this super useful tool?  Absolutely love it.
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I think you should be able two have two wing colors. Like my oc. I want to make her and I can. But her hair type is not in it and colored wings. I hope you consider my idea. Along with the mane style. I would really like her mane style to be in it
I think facial hair (beard and mustache) would be a clever idea, for the stallions
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My idea is for a Kirin set; should that be possible.  I'm also not sure if my Kirin OC personally should have carp fish whiskers and draconic claws like the original Chinese Qilin or not, but those could be cool to have in either case for experimentation's sake.
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how about a jacket if somepony gets cold? just a suggestion because i make my friends ponies and one of them recently wanted to know if i can put a jacket or a sweeter on the pony? plus not to be over annoying here but could you possibly a couple of items like: ring, levitating a ring box, levitating a salad bowl, levitating a cake, or a drink if not that's cool all i am just worried and asking about is the sweeter or a jacket.

please contact me at nightmaremoon@email.com
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please add changlings and kirins a a a (also i love the models. keep it up!!)
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