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Pictures of ponies made with 3D Pony Creator are free to use. No need to ask permission.
You can sell ponies for points on Deviantart.
Credit to me (PonyLumen) or ponylumen.net is appreciated, but not necessary.     


The game doesn't load, what do ?
Try different browsers. Recommended browsers : Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
If it doesn't work on some browser, please try another one.

Black pony (no textures).
It's an Internet Explorer problem. Update Internet Explorer.

Some manes or tails don't appear
Reboot your computer. If it doesn't work, clear your browser cache.

How to report bugs / errors

Send me a message with those informations :
- what is the problem? Please be as accurate as possible.
- what is you browser?
- how does the bug appear? (Always, when you press a specific button, etc)
- what is your OS? (Windows 8, Mac, etc)
If you can take a screenshot, that's even better.

Can you make a SFM / Gmod download ?

No, this is impossible to make. You have to compile pony models manually with Blender. Please stop asking :D

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I created my pony check it out.
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How do I compile the models in Blender?
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Though I don't know my self, I would say that there are probably tutorials, and how-tos online.
The poor creator is doing it out of love
If i will convert this model in blender for sfm will i be still able to make these advanced animations? Moving eyes, mouth, eyelids etc?
poprox5's avatar
How in the hoof do you place stickers on the pony???
poprox5's avatar
Nevermind. Figured it out, like, right after I asked. XD
UnrealGamer6702's avatar
would you be able to make it to where we can download them as files blender will accept?
flamingpaws's avatar
How do I delete stickers?
pixelpallet6's avatar
I'm not sure if it's just me, but every time I load it up the pony doesn't show up
Jhonscout's avatar
How can make eyes stop in position that I want?
Tempertemmie's avatar
For anyone else who might know how to help, it literally does not allow me to download. I've tried separate browsers and other stuff, and the 3D downloads work, yes, but not the 2D picture.

I am on Microsoft Edge by the way.
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when you're trying to make celestia, the crown appears under the hair

but overall it is an amazing game
fart4meplz's avatar
Well, I tried to make a model of my OC, and while the eyes are the correct color in the actual browser, the exported textures have the eye color being mostly pink, and not the right color.
If you need screenshots, I can get them, but I'm hoping that's enough information. Thanks!
flutterbronydu33's avatar
After using it a little on Opéra 42 on ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS with Unity desktop (linux x86-64), I have the left backleg who disapear sometimes
Minecrafter390's avatar
Plz can u add Starlight Glimmer becaause she my favourite
DingoDash's avatar
Sunset Shimmer's Cutie-Mark appears to me reversed\mirrored. Can you fix this guys? Thank you for the amazing job you're all doing! <3
shanelouis982's avatar
Sooo you're saying that the only way I can get my pony model into Sfm or gmod is though blender ?
sonicexefan0's avatar
Whenever I open the color selector my mouse glitches out and then chrome crashes.
I am running windows 7 on a Inspiron i3
NightyLuny's avatar
When Adding a personal Cutie Mark, it appear on the body textures
Trot animation
The hind leg bugs a little in a certain position.
This computer does not havea screenshot button but just press the trot button any time. Not that bad but yea.
sweetdudebbb5's avatar
i was wondering how do i add a vest

i'm trying to make nyx from past sins
Every time I imported a .obj file into Blender, all the colors were gone. I've been saving them in Internet Explorer and I'm using Windows 10. Is this normal?
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Yes. You have to reapply textures manually in Blender.
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