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Pictures of ponies made with 3D Pony Creator are free to use. No need to ask permission.
You can sell ponies for points on Deviantart.
Credit to me (PonyLumen) or ponylumen.net is appreciated, but not necessary.     


The game doesn't load, what do ?
Try different browsers. Recommended browsers : Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
If it doesn't work on some browser, please try another one.

Black pony (no textures).
It's an Internet Explorer problem. Update Internet Explorer.

Some manes or tails don't appear
Reboot your computer. If it doesn't work, clear your browser cache.

How to report bugs / errors

Send me a message with those informations :
- what is the problem? Please be as accurate as possible.
- what is you browser?
- how does the bug appear? (Always, when you press a specific button, etc)
- what is your OS? (Windows 8, Mac, etc)
If you can take a screenshot, that's even better.

Can you make a SFM / Gmod download ?

No, this is impossible to make. You have to compile pony models manually with Blender. Please stop asking :D

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Found a bug when exporting an obj. I was trying to make my pony look like she's sleeping, and when exporting the obj, the eyelids are messed up and a phasing through the character's head. At first I thought it was due to something involving the head angle, because I started rotating the head around to try to fix it, and found my character's eyelids just grew outward. But then I tried just keeping it at the default pose, and the problem is still there, just worse. If you know why this is happening, and can fix it, that'd be great, because if it's just closing the character's eyes, portraying her as sleeping is going to be a real problem.