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No one will ever know
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Published: August 30, 2014
Basically I took one of my old pics : sta.sh/0j8q7vk0j4y and traced over it.
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I feel like this was took out of Friendship is Witchcraft, lel.
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Such a morbid picture, but nice!
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Artificial-Thunder|Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice outfit! :)
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hmm wonder how that happened?
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Fantomi1996Edited |Hobbyist General Artist
:iconpinkamenatwitchplz::iconsays3plz:Angel tree
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Scrapplejack|Hobbyist General Artist
Best damn pants I've ever seen.
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It was self defense. With all the abuse she endured, I can't blame her. He had it coming.
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xXUnoriginalNameXx|Hobbyist General Artist
This is the very first time I've seen someone draw a pony in pants and I didn't make it. What's the aversion to pants in the community?
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nuuuuuuuuu Angel ;_; why flutershy WHY!
good job ponykiller!
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There's also a dead bird in the basket.
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GyroGun|Hobbyist General Artist
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did anyone here stop to think that angel bunny is helping Fluttershy bury that dead bird?  Think about it, rabbits dig borrows.  they dont live in nests, they dont roam the fields, they dig bunkers for their spawn to hide in.  besides, his ears are perked up, and that means that he is alert to his surroundings, not dead.  and just so no one can claim that i am wrong about that point, that bird's legs are sticking up because of rigor mortis, to the best of my knowledge, things like floppy bunny ears are not affected as extensively as muscles and tendons.

i hate angel bunny, i really do, but you better not think for one minute, not for one second that Fluttershy would just dig a hole and shove him in so halfheartedly.  she would have built a pyre and burned him.
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Glad you have cancer, we finally are going to get rid of you.
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*lip quivers* B-b-but.. Angel!

Very cute!
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does nobody notice the bluebird in the basket? :D
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SanlurisEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, my goodness, Fluttershy….I think you could have worked things out with Angel…I don't like the bunny either but….I'd never have thought it of you.
Wait, you wouldn't look so nonchalant if you'd done something like that! Those are just upside-down turnips! Yeah….:shivering: v2
But, uh…. :stare: Fluttershy is really cute-looking in those overalls.
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Star-Von-Alicorn|Hobbyist General Artist
dun dun duuun
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From an old picture you re-used this is quite amazing :)
I hope to see more of your amazing art 
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Nun2artzy|Student Digital Artist
"Sssssshhh....you should've eaten that salad. Now all you can eat...IS DIRT."
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J25TheArcKing|Hobbyist General Artist
Just wooohhh, dark fan art...

Poor Angel...
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Well that was...dark
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