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My Saviour
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Published: May 23, 2012
..........and that's how Dirty Doo saved Rainbow Trash arse, and they lived happily ever after.
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Still one of the most iconic pieces I've ever seen back then, and even now! Amazing. Sir wherever you may be, I hope you are doing well.
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Cool Horses don't look at explosions.
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DevianPony02|Hobbyist General Artist
NOOOOO!!!!! Derpy need Dr. Whooves!
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VL32|Student General Artist
Rainbow Dash: Did anyone get the number on that road roller?

Derpy: Don't worry Rainbow you're safe.

Rainbow Dash: Derpy? What exactly happened to me to require YOUR aid?

Derpy: These mean robot ponies were trying to 'delete' you, but I managed to cause a scene while my friend set their ship to blow.

Doctor: And hopefully that's the last time we see those cyber ponies.
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Dark-Mountain-Queen|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw this image on facebook so long ago but I didn't find it until now

and Im finally here to say to you: good job :D
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XD my gurd, this seems so legitally awesome!!!
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Time to Ship Dirty Doo x Rainbow Trash arse.
J.K. but really is her head bleeding or is she covered in something else.
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Wow that's epic :la:
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TheFakePotatosThe2nd|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This art is too awesomesauce for scraps, bruh
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AspiePie|Student General Artist
then came a awesome Lesbian Sex Scene!
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foldabotZ|Hobbyist Photographer
Hey, I'd go behind that!Shrugs 
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Pvrqle|Hobbyist General Artist
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Rebuna|Student Writer
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Friggen awesome.
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SnapCentino|Student Writer
That's a lot of blood.
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DerpyFan123|Hobbyist Artist
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL dirty doo and rainbow trash?? priceless!
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Why is it that I find Derpy so epic with that blood gushing from her head!? THIS IS SHO FRIPPIN' AWSHUM!!! le gasp la 
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StellarEclipse1000|Student General Artist
OMG LOVE IT! im about to explode with happiness!
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Dash looks really small in Derpy's hooves.
Their heads are about the same, but her forehooves, body and tail look distinctly bigger.

Not to say this isn't awesome. It is. I just also find it really cute that Dash looks so small in this.
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Actually... Dash's head does look a little smaller if you look closely at it. :3
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Oh my Gosh!,Your Art is amazing!. I search so long for epic stuff like this and i cant believ it how good it looks *_*. Thank you so much for this masterpiece :).

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well derpy looks only half terrifying in this one, so 10/10 
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idislikecake|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey you!
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