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Don't mind me
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Published: October 9, 2015
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CookieHolderOwO|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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nalmas|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Two Lunas are better than one! :D
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RainbowSplashMAP|Hobbyist Digital Artist
that heart o.O
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MLPegasis4898|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Luna vs Woona... I just can't choose... :X :X :X
This looks amazing, by the way! The lights and shadings are awesome! I also like their expressions :la: :la: :la:
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Kyoshyu|Hobbyist General Artist
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-Then, why our horns are touching? Hmm?
"GO AWAY! YOU... YOU..."
-You're telling me you are not liking what you are seeing right now? Are you implying that you are NOT liking your own appearance? What a shame..."
"QUIET!!!! I like how I look! I don't need magic or any spell to hide my true self like you keep doing, you damn changeling queen!
-You know why I'm hiding!
"Yes! For shame to our true form-
"And why so far haven't you used this natural ability of your on me?"
-Isn't that obvious?
-You emanate no love. Not even of yourself.
-Does it mean that the princess of the night doesn't actually love herself?
-And maybe because she is afraid that her evil self could take her place again and-
"SHUT UP!!!!!"
Luna shot a blast of blue light straight to Chrysalis chest who flew and hit the nearly wall behind her.
Chrysalis cough, her spell and appearance dissipated.
-Well... for a princess who... *cough cough* seems to have forgave herself... *cough* I felt so much guilt from you that I find this pitiful.
Luna stayed on her guard, her horn pointed at the evil queen.
"I find more pitiful your way to feed."
-And yet, I could have successfully invade Equestria. BTW, do you feel guilt for not being there for your sister when I defeated her?
Luna's horn glowed.
"Yes. This my guilt. Not your! And for this you will pay. One day."
-Ha! What stops you for taking your revenge right now?
"I will keep it for another time."
"But for this time...."
Her glow covered Chrysalis who was hold in front of a huge glass window.
-W-what are you doing?
"Simple. Getting rid of a parasite."
-What? NO!!!
"I already have something for making me remember anyway. BE GONE!"
She shot a huge ray of light in her direction who hit her and defenestrated the queen, flying many miles aways. Luna walked away, in the direction of Celestia's bedroom.
"I know you are sleeping, sister, but I need to talk to you right now..."

Awesome work. Too bad you put this in your scraps files.
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statoose|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is intense and raises interesting questions about the scenario, but also amusing, given the sweaters and heart. le wut.
Anyway, great drawing!
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00Sledge|Hobbyist Digital Artist
So much of the fandom produces sweater art you would think the show would add it. 
I mean, they add many things from the fandom, lets see if they do. 
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Nice sweaters  :D
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Pseudopandemonium|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't mind me
Imma just grab my stuff and leave
Excuse me please
Fuck this shit I'm out

Sorry this just popped up in my head when I read the title xD I dunno maybe it's even based on it P: maaaybeee
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Oh...This is...so amazing. I have no words and I don't even know what I'm exactly feeling.
That weird tension. That equilibrium. Seems like She's staring at the mirror of youth.
One thing I don't understand it's why is She so angry? And then...the meaning of that heart above Her horn(s).

Nevertheless...I'm glad to see you active from time to time, PKX. And...I'm glad to see that beauty from you as well. Especially when you made Her in a different form. In Her common form. With such hair...
Nicely done. Thank you for piece.

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This was going to be an "edgy pic" then I remembered that I don't want to draw edgy crap anymore, so I just added a bunch of silly things that don't make any sense.
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Brinazzle|Professional Digital Artist
Glad you're having some fun with your art. Kickass~
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I think it always comes out that way. In any case. And you did it well.
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Canon Luna VS Fanon Luna.

This will end well :dummy:
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bonessel|Hobbyist Digital Artist
angry selfcest
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There isn't room enough on Equestria for both of them.

Original Luna is wearing a pink hoodie with overalls? :D
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R10tPol1ce|Student Writer
You make some of the God-tier art of this fandom.
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Yakovlev-vad|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hah, double luna is double fun :D
P.s. But the Luna with a hair I like more=3
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Nope, bald Luna is best Luna: sta.sh/0u36o748c50
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Yakovlev-vad|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy sh... no, I think not ^^;
By truth, I always thought that magical mane is not real mane. I recognize only hair :D
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Luna is tsundere for herself?
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