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Teenage Magical Ninja Ponies commission

Homage to Ninja Turtles #1 from the 80s commission
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To be honest, Applejack should take the leadership role here. No offense.
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Hero's of the Horse Kind!  PONY POWER!

So then?  Does that make Fluttershy, April and AJ as Casey.  Though I guess Fluttershy would be more like Erma if anything.  Also who is Splinter and Shredders? 
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All of them fit the roles perfectly especially Rarity. Though I worry more if Rarity will probably get her hands dirty.
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she probally will and it will not end well for whoever gets them dirty....poor foot soldiers
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This is extremely well done; the art invokes the feel of the original Eastman and Laird comics while still in fitting with the children's friendly MLP. The ponies' and turtles' personalities are matched perfectly as well :3
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totally awesome!
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Pinkie Pie: She's a radical princess!
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TMNP ? I like dis idea !
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Awesome...but, the masks are unnecessary.  However, they tie the outfits together, so I assume they were Rarity's idea.
Trained by Master Spli--- I mean, Mistress Derpy...
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Yeah. Good memories about the show. Nice crossover. AJ as Cassey Jones and Fluttershy as April?

Lovely work
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Wait! Spike could be Cassey. Then AJ would be...
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this was a commission so there was no mention of having fluttershy or aj involved i just picked the 4 ponies to be the 4 turtles
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