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Gala Dash commission

comission from NMND of Rainbow Dash in her S1 gala dress
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Dashie seems awesome in that dress. Her smug smile is proof.
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Absolutely beautiful. My favorite pony in a gorgeous outfit. ^^
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"I'm awesome and you know it!" Rainbow Dash messy mane sprite   ^_^  aww  cute Rainbow Dash, really loved her gala dress the most,t he flow of the rainbow into the clouds, it actually reminds me of a waterfall with all the mist at the bottom.. I suppose being so close to Niagara Falls and seeing that a few times a year helps.
Very nice! If it wasn't for the watermark, I'd use it as a wallpaper.
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Very nice work!
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So beautiful! <3 And I don't have to scan it anymore! Thanks so much!
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She's so pretty!!!
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