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Hi everyone, delighted to announce the release of my new album :) I've uploaded 3 of the 8 songs to listen to on YouTube and the rest are available below:

Also available on a wide variety of other stores including Xbox Music, Spotify and Google Play!

Thanks for all your support :)
You're awesome, that is all.
Must admit I'm not a massive fan of doing journals on a regular basis, but I was feeling fairly chuffed this evening and so felt like putting up a quick post.
Following the recent success of 'Land of Equestria', I decided it was high time I needed to clear up all my old music projects and new ones, gathering it all together and having a sort through. My Evening Star page in particular was a bit of a clutter and my old page, The Harbourmaster, was just stagnating in a corner, so I decided to tidy up all the errant links and photos, update the music, and link everyone to the new page. And here it is. My old music is going to remain on SoundCloud but will no longer be sitting on the old page doing nothing, and the new one is completely up to date with a Bandcamp tab and all that good stuff. Next I'm going to be working on the old YouTube channels. Here goes nothing!
Hello, to my little group of watchers! :)

Just to let you know if any of you are interested, I've put my latest track, Kindness, up on BandCamp, where you can download it as a FLAC either for free or choose how much you wish to pay. Donations would very much be appreciated.

Thanks for your support!