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Dashie Bedhead ~ Too Early

By PonyEcho
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Looks like Rainbow Dash isn't quite ready to get up yet... we all know that feeling...
Better let her sleep a little longer. No one wants a grumpy Dash this early in the morning. Another 5 minutes (or another hour and a half) ought to do it: fav.me/d9ng50t

Rainbow Dash is the first pony to get a set of pictures for my new Pony Bedhead series. Be sure to set your alarm clocks - we'll be waking up with all your favourite ponies soon :aww:

I started this picture over my Christmas break but never got the chance to finish it off, but with a fresh batch of commissions now on my to-do pile, I felt I needed to dust this one off. Honestly, I'm glad I did! I'm really happy with how this (and it's sister picture) turned out. Besides breaking away from the traditional mane models, which is always fun, this picture allowed me to experiment with moving light to express the passage of time. Interesting stuff... or at least I think so ;p
Hope you like it! :D More pony bedhead to come, so stick around.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:
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Can you wake me up

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Aw, c'mon, darlin'... up n' at 'em.
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"Dashie..... DASHiiiee...."
-Hmm? *rubs her eye with a hoof* W-what time is it?
"5 am."
-5 am? I-it's too early. I'm not up until 6.
"I know. I just wanted to warn you that I have to leave.
-W-w-where are you going?
"To work. *kiss on Dash's forehead* See you later."
-Aren't we Saturday?
"Yes. But I promised someone to help out today. See you soon!"
-C-can it wait like.... tomorrow?
"Sorry. Like I said I promised."
-At this hour?
"Yup. Go back to sleep now. Bye!"
Dash closed her eyes.
-Great. Now I'm awake. How am supposed to-
"The basic fundamental of physic proves that-"
Dash was snoring.
"... Dashie get bored very quickly when lectured about science. Thanks Twilight."

Lovely work
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This is me everyday when I need to get up for school

 Me: *rolls off bed and falls asleep on the floor*
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I get up at 5:30am to get to work each day. I used to get up at 4:30 for overtime. Yep. You'll need a good or better alarm clock.
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wake up Dashie

RD: Hmmm...What time is it?

Me: 9:00AM

Rd: Oh no

Me: Yep -pets Rd- Get up or I make you

Rd: No....-snuggles in bed-

Me: -picks up Rd and walks out- nice try
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I do not get up when I want

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This and it's sister pic are so freaking adorable!
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very cute, wish i
could sleep with her
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Fucking mornings.
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My sentiments exactly... ;p
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I get up at 5 am to catch the bus to college.This is like me in the mornings.
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Oh man, and I thought I had it bad getting up at 6am... you have all of my sympathy, my friend!
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Hehe, I'm so glad you like her :aww:
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Haha, what's not to like?
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I know the feeling Dashie, it's always too early, isn't it?
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I second that... :p
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Hehe, so happy you like her :aww:
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