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Chasing Away The Nightmares ~

Woken in the middle of the night by a high-pitched squeal, Rarity goes to investigate and finds her sister curled up in bed crying.
"Sweetie Belle...?" Rarity frowns as she steps into the filly's room.
"I... I had a bad dream!" Sweetie Belle moans, wiping the tears from her tired eyes.
"Again?" Rarity sighs, giving her sister a sympathetic look. Bringing a comforting smile to her muzzle, Rarity clops over, climbing up onto the bed. "It's alright, Sweetie, there's nothing to worry about. Rarity's here."
The older mare wriggles under the covers beside her, wrapping her in a warm hug and nuzzling the top of her head. Her horn begins to glow softly like a nightlight, dispelling the shadows and the imaginary monsters that lurk within them. Sweetie Belle cuddles close to her big sister, the tears on her cheek glinting in the light.
"I'm sorry I woke you up..."
"Don't be silly," Rarity replies, stroking the scared filly's mane. Quietly, she whispers the first notes of a lullaby, the same one their mother used to sing when Sweetie was still just a baby. Sweetie Belle buries her face in Rarity's chest, listening to her sister's rhythmic heartbeat. She smiles weakly as Rarity chases the nightmares away.
"Hush now, quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head..."

A fresh attempt at playing with shadows and light. I wasn't sure how this one would turn out, but after a fair bit of tweaking, I'm very happy with the finished result :aww:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:
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You meltEd my heart

I wish there was a twilight and cozy version of this or something like it. Twilight really should forgive cozy. I really want twilight to adopt her and love her like a true daughter, what do you think.

Aww I remember coming across this sweet picture when you first posted it. I’ve been scrolling through “Little Nightmares” related art and this popped up. What a coincidence. Still a lovely drawing! <3
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Rarity is such a caring sister...
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Compassion of an elder sibling, that's how family should always be.
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I can only wonder what kind of nightmare Sweetie Belle was having... I sure hope it didn't involve anypony she loves being hurt/killed.
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In any case, Sweetie Belle has nothing to fear. Not as long as her big sister, Rarity, is there for her.…
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Aww, aww, aww, I'm loving this picture. :)
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I see this picture every where and I love it
TapeWing's avatar
Did you give this person permission to make this a base?…
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I did not, so thank you for bringing that to my attention!
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They should do a picture like this of Thunderlane and Rumble.
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Aw. That's sweet.
BronyNo786's avatar
dayum my heart has been shot by the FEELS bullet.
BozzerKazooers's avatar
Ahhh. A sister touching moment. Hard to imagine what life would be like without having that someone very close to you in your heart
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omg, this is so cute and the magic! The magic, it's so pretty! Love 
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Very well made! ^.^
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I wanna ask you this ( but maybe you should deny this ) 

i wanna ask nicely how impressive you did in this but can you make my oc and rarity

Hugging together? 
PonyEcho's avatar
First of all, I'm glad you found this picture so impressive :aww:
As for drawing your OC, I'd be more than happy to take on the project when I open my next batch of commissions :D
Goldenbunnys's avatar
sure i'll try to wait patiently ^_^ thanks 
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