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Some frequently asked questions we thought might be worth answering, to avoid people commenting unnecessarily.

Q. What is a puppet?
A. A puppet is a collection of symbols (Some may include nested animation) used in order to create animations. They are useful for creating animation with a uniform look, as, unlike with hand drawn animation, assets can be re-used over and over again.

Q. What programme are the puppets used in?
A. The puppets in this group are built in Adobe Flash. Different puppets are made in different versions, and so you may not be able to open all the puppets in the group. For example, if you have Flash CS4, you can open puppets built in CS4 or earlier, but not CS5 or above.

Q. Where do I download Adobe Flash?
A. Adobe Flash can be purchased from the Adobe website, or, if you don't mind doing something illegal, there are other methods of obtaining it.

Q. How do I download the puppets?
A. The method of downloading may vary from puppet to puppet, but all puppets in this group contain a download link in the description. This will take you to an external site from which you can download the FLA file containing your chosen puppet.

Q. Can I submit DHX rigs?
A. Yes, but we will not accept them in the group. The DHX rigs are made by (Surprise, surprise) DHX, and are therefore owned by DHX and Hasbro and such like. Therefore, posting them and claiming them as your own work may get you into legal trouble, and as such, we cannot accept them into the group.

Q. Can I submit DRB rigs?
A. Yes, but not the stallions. The stallion rigs contain DHX puppet pieces, and, as explained in the answer above, are illegal to distribute as your own work. However, DRB mare and filly rigs are fine to submit.

Q. Can you make me a puppet of X?
A. If you want to request/commission a puppet, we would recommend you go and talk directly with a puppet creator, rather than posting in the comments of this group, where they are much less likely to see it. We cannot, however, guarantee that any puppet creators will agree to make your puppet.

Q. Can you teach me to do X?
A. There is a tutorial folder in this group that may be able to help you. If not, there is a wide variety of Flash tutorials available on YouTube for basic animation skills that may also be of use.
If you're looking to animate ponies, I'd recommend Grant Beaudette's animation series, which breaks down and explains the various aspects that help to bring MLP:FiM to life.

If your question hasn't been answered, feel free to leave it in the comments below, and we will do our best to help you.
1-- No stolen assets (yes, this includes DHX assets) or Mane 6 recolors.

It is pretty obvious why, we want some quality stuff that is usable, no one will use your recolor. Dhx assets are HIGHLY illegal, even if you don't make money from them. It is pretty obvious why, we want some quality stuff that is usable, no one will use your recolor.

Double Rainboom stallion puppets are not acceptable as they secretly contain DHX mouth comps.

2-- No puppets without any downloads.

This is a group for resources, not to show up your skills but to alow people to create great art using your assets.

3-- No survey sites or links for puppet downloads.

... I don't need to explain this one.

4-- No non-pony related puppets (EG :iconeqgtwilightplz: puppets are fine!)

This group is called PONY-puppets for a reason.

5-- Have fun!

On the next few days we are going to cleanup the group of files that don't comply the new rules.

If you fix the issues you can submit back the files and you will be accepted without issues.

If you don't feel this rules are good for the group you can leave your suggestions below.
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Rainbow Blitz Puppet Rig by Stopped245
BEEPhind the Scenes by Snapai
Sweetie Belle puppet rig, V0.72 by MintyRoot
Equestria Boy Rig by Khuzang

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We showcase the pony puppets we find on deviantART in this group! We will ask all pony puppet builders to submit their rigs here!
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