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A Gift To A Princess Holidays HeartPrincess Twilight’s curiosity never goes away when she sees more in Sunset’s world. The beach with numerous friends, going on a cruise for a week and went to a festival involving great musical talents, including the Rainbooms. It came to the point she wants to check specific similarities she comes across like the Everfree Forest for example, when Timber and Gloriosa took her there during her beach day.Twilight is in her bedroom, about to write a message to her friends in the mirror world. In the middle of December just three days before Equestria’s holiday Hearth’s Warming happens, it was the chance for the Princess Of Friendship to understand what Sunset does for this holiday in her world. And the fact that most of the places she came across when she’s around the population, she’s no longer afraid since they know who she really is, thanks to her speech she made back in the Starswirl Festival. She opened her journal and begins to write her message.[i]“Dear Sunset Shimmer,[/i][i]You don’t usually expect me to write you a message like this, but I’m letting you know that I’m celebrating Hearth's Warming in Equestria. In the afternoon today, I don’t have anything to do so I was wondering, can you show me what you do in your world’s holiday? I think it will be wonderful if I see what you celebrate with your friends during this time, not to mention I’ll might do something nice for someone there. It’s your choice.[/i][i]From your friend[/i][i]Twilight Sparkle”[/i]It didn’t take long until Sunset responded to Twilight’s message since she’s about to meet her friends at the mall. Twilight read the whole message Sunset wrote.[i]“I was actually about to remind you this but I guess your starting to catch up. To answer your question, yes I will be happy to show what we do in this holiday. While it’s not called Hearth's Warming in my world, we still do the same thing you do. I will take you to the Canterlot Mall where most of our friends are at.”[/i]After reading Sunset’s message, Twilight is more than ready to come over. She may have a passion when it comes to spreading holiday cheer for her friends but something special awaits her in the Mirror World.[hr]By the time Princess Twilight goes through her portal, Sunset was waiting with her winter outfit on. Of course, it’s extremely cold with all the snow covering the whole city so she gives Twilight a spare coat. The two get inside Sunset’s car as they make their way to the Canterlot Mall.Twilight looked out her window with thousands of snowflakes falling from the sky and landing on the ground. Sunset also notice her friend taking the sight of houses decorated in green and red lights along with tons of winter stands on the yards.“Your feeling a bit happy?” She asked which caught the princess’s attention.“Of course I am.” Twilight smiled. “I just wanted to know how you spend your time like this.”“You know, everytime I see you interested in the activities I do in this world, you would rather spend half of your time with me.”Twilight giggled from her friend’s advice. “If only I wasn’t a princess, but I’m getting ahead of myself.”“Yeah we all know your busy, it’s not really a coincidence anymore.” As Sunset puts her attention back on the road, the Princess Of Friendship still needs to figure out how to spread her cheer in the mall.“So...what person should I give my gift to?”“How about Water Lily?” Sunset suggested.“Do you think she’s there?”“Not really sure. Victoria told me she prefers water over snow, not that she dislikes snow, she always gets a cold.”Twilight wanted to rethink her choice on the person she’s giving a gift to but It’s been several months since she met Water Lily. After meeting her on the beach last year, telling her story in front of everyone on the cruise and played with there, she wanted to show how much she cares about her. It’s one of those reasons that made her return to Sunset’s world, to do something she knows will never happen in Equestria.“I’m gonna try to find something for her. If she isn’t at the mall, you can just give her mom my gift to her.”“That’s a good idea.”[hr]It didn’t take long until they arrive at the Canterlot Mall but the parking lot is completely full with dozens of cars. Mainly the fact that people are also going shopping to buy gifts for their friends and family. While it was tough for Sunset to find a place to park her car, she managed to find a spot. It’s a bit farther away from the entrance but at least the weather isn’t as bad when it comes to snowstorms.Both Sunset and Twilight exited the car and made their way to the mall. Once they enter inside, they saw so many people in any direction, going to places to find the stuff on their list. Not only that the mall is completely decorated with colors of lights glowing at a time, Trees decorated with ornaments and golden bells above the glass ceiling windows.“Wow, this place looks beautiful!” Twilight being amazed. “So this is the Canterlot Mall?”“You’re right.” Sunset smiled. “If you really want to be in the spirit of the holidays, make the entire mall into it as well.”The two laugh at each other as they go find where their friends are at. With the mall so huge, Twilight might get lost. Equestria may have malls in places like Manehattan, but she’s never been to a mall before. She look in all of her surroundings, there’s an arcade room, a shoe shop, so many minor things with a shop of their own, the princess can only imagine if another mall in this world is bigger than this.Now that she has tons of options, she will do whatever she can to give Water Lily the gift she deserves. It may take time but it’s not going to stop her with friends by her side.Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, her sister Apple Bloom and Human Twilight are sitting by one of the tables in the main arena of the hall. Once Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer arrive, they all got up once they saw them.“Sunset, you’re here!” Applejack called.“And you brought the other Twilight here.” Rainbow added.Human Twilight didn’t even expect her counterpart to be here on this occasion. However she’s more than happy to show her care to her Princess self in this holiday. As the girls give the princess a group hug, they all took their seats again.“So darling. What brings you here?” Rarity asked.“Yeah, Aren’t you supposed to celebrate your holiday back in Equestria?” Pinkie added.“I’m only here for this afternoon. I just wanted to see how all of you girls celebrate your holiday.” Twilight said which made Rainbow Dash sat by her.“Oh really?” She smirked. “We’re about to hand out presents to little kids later.”This surprised Twilight as Fluttershy chimes in. “Maybe when we’re done doing shopping together, you should hand out presents to them.”“I agree.” Apple Bloom added.“But before we do any of that, we still need to do some shopping.” Sunset added.“And wrap them up, don’t forget that!” Pinkie Pie pop up by Sunset and Twilight also giving them a tight hug.Princess Twilight found an opportunity to impress Water Lily, but she still needs to find the perfect gift for her. With eight girls keeping her company in the mall, she’ll be able to give Water Lily the best holiday of her life. After Pinkie broke the hug, she discuss her friends about her one and only goal.“Do you think you can help me to find a gift for Water Lily?”“You mean Lily Pad’s little sister?” Pinkie asked.“Yes. While I know I can’t afford anymore gifts for all of you, I still need to show her how much I miss her. It’s one of the things I like in this world.”All the girls looked at each other after hearing Twilight’s confession. With all the time they have to go shopping, they need to find a way to have the princess of friendship show her holiday spirit to Water Lily.“Sorry Twilight, but we really have our own problems with this situation.” Rainbow said with her teeth clenching.“I have to find gifts for my mother and father, they’re gonna be here tomorrow and I can’t forget about my sister Sweetie Belle.” Rarity crossing her arms.Princess Twilight looked at her counterpart to see if she can help, but she also has problems of her own. “Sorry Twilight, my pet Spike asked me to buy a really new dog toy and it’s really expensive. Not to mention he wants to make another unboxing video on his Haytube channel.” Human Twilight rolled her eyes, still not believing that her very own dog has an internet account.Princess Twilight became disappointed until Sunset wraps her arm around her. “Don’t worry, I will have your back. I know the place where all the gifts Water Lily will love.”“Thanks Sunset.” Twilight’s smile return.“I can also help. I want to make all the kids really happy once we buy all the gifts for them.” Fluttershy added as she takes out her list of kids she made days ago.“Thanks Fluttershy.”“Well we can’t have it happen on it’s own. Let’s go shopping!” Applejack cheered. She takes her sister’s arm to go to their destination while the others go on their path in the mall. Sunset and Fluttershy takes Princess Twilight to where all the stuff the kids love.[hr]They made it to the Filly Section where all the kids are at. So many plushies on the shelves, the walls have all the action figures and of course, there’s a playhouse in the corner of the section.“We’re here.” Fluttershy looking at the sign above the Filly section.“So, is this where all the toys are at?” Twilight asked.“You’re right.” Sunset answered. “Everything you need for a child to be happy is all in here.”The three girls walk inside the Filly section to find the gift for Water Lily. Twilight may have a lot of options but she has to pick the best toy for Water Lily. It’s difficult to make a kid’s heart, who’s three years old, warm with happiness. They went to the girls toy allie where there's a pink and purple toy house with dolls on the shelves.“Are you sure Water Lily likes playing dolls?” Fluttershy asked.“I don’t think so. Her sister told me she likes underwater creatures.” Twilight replied. “And she told her sea stories whenever she droves Water to sleep.”“Then why can’t we go to the plushie aisle?” Sunset offered. “There's tons of sea creature plushies.“Princess Twilight and Fluttershy agreed as they went to the plushie aisle. The shelves are loaded with different kinds of plushies that made Twilight shocked in disbelief. For this being her first time in the mall, she couldn’t believe these sections are bigger once she enters.“So what can you find that will make Water Lily happy?” Fluttershy asked the princess while looking at the plushies.“I still think she might be able to sleep with these during her bedtime.” Twilight said. The plushies she saw is a dolphin, clownfish and jellyfish. They’re maybe good choices but she feared it won’t be enough. “But I still have to make her feel good.”“Twilight,” Sunset placing her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “I understand it’s difficult to make a child happy when your not their mother, but don’t get caught up with that.”“What do you mean?” The princess blinked. “While it’s nice that your willing to come over, but I didn’t think your also willing to cheer Water Lily up. If you want to make things easier, why don’t you try to give a gift to someone else your age?”Twilight can see Sunset’s point really understandable but her reasons are important then what her friends think. “Sunset, this is something I have to learn.”“What do you mean by that?” Fluttershy wondered.“After all this time missing everything you went through, I should at least catch up on most of them. When I heard that the Storm King’s staff was casting corrupting magic during your vacation, that was probably the time I should’ve helped you in some way. And when I was part of your second yacht vacation, I encounter so many familiar things from my beach day off last year. And one of those things are Water Lily.”Sunset and Fluttershy become speechless from the Princess’s goal and she isn’t done yet.“I get it, I don’t belong here, but with things my new friends showed me, made me a little depressed. I never knew that the qualities in this world is so bizarre and also amazing. If I had the chance to stay here longer than a week, I’ll might go anyway I come across to make this world a better place, just like in Equestria.”After Twilight made her statement crystal clear, Sunset and Fluttershy are impressed. After hanging out with the princess of friendship during their spring vacation, their trip to the Starswirl Festival and now their holiday cheer, they don’t see her as a princess in this world. Instead more of an average girl fitting in after everything that happened.Then Sunset’s phone ding which means she got a tweet from her friends. She took out her phone and it was a tweet from Pinkie Pie. Once she saw her tweet, Sunset’s eyes turned wide.“Oh no!” She reacted.“What? What’s wrong?” Twilight jumped.“Water Lily is here!”“Okay, but how's that a big deal?” Fluttershy added.“She also told her why Princess Twilight is here AND she’s going to be giving her an amazing gift!”Twilight’s jaw hung open in shocked while Fluttershy facepalmed herself. Just when they’re about to make the biggest surprise for Water, they’re now in a predicament they can’t get out of. Twilight was more then scared that her hyper-active friend put her in this situation.“Why does Pinkie Pie keep on doing this stuff?” Twilight placing her hands on her face.“I told you the whole story of my time loop problem with her, do I need to remind her that she’s also a pet when I feed her candy?” Sunset retorted.“Okay don’t freak out, we still have time.” Fluttershy trying to calm her friends down. “I’m sure we can still surprise Water Lily before she finds you.”“But how are we going to find a gift so great, it will make Water Lily so happy?” Twilight asked. The three girls tried to think of a solution but the odds are too tough. They may be in the Filly Section with all the toys and plushies, but they don’t want to get to a spot in front of Water to spoil their surprise to her. The only option is to have Twilight stay to set everything up for all the children to see her. Then Twilight had an idea. It’s crazy but it’s the only option she has. “Sunset?”“Yes?” Sunset responded.“Do you ever heard anything about hippogriffs?”“Well I did when Celestia told me about them when I was still her student.”“I need to know. Did you ever come across seapony plushies?”“Actually, I did.” Sunset did went to this same section in the past and remembered what the seaponies are located. “You actually found a gift for Water Lily.”“Oh yes I did and she’s going to love it!” Twilight, Sunset and Fluttershy went to a different allie where all the special plushies are located. Once they found the seapony plushies, the Princess Of Friendship smiled with confidence now that her goal is close to completion.[hr]In the next hour the other girls finished their shopping for their friends and families. They did the wrapping afterwards, which took time with different colors of wrapping paper and ties. Once they got everything set up, they put some of their presents in their bags and took the ones they’re going to give for the children.For the next ten minutes, the girls are spreading holiday cheer with their winter outfits back on.“This is the greatest idea ever!” Pinkie popping behind Applejack and Apple Bloom. “Now every nice child in the city will be happy in the morning.”“Tell me about it.” Apple Bloom replied. “I can’t wait to show Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo what I bought for them.”“Not to mention they’re invited to our holiday dinner.” Applejack rubbing on her sister’s head.“Looks like we all have something to contribute for everyone.” Rarity giggled in joy.“It’s always what we do.” Rainbow boasted.As they continue to give all of their gifts to all the kids, Fluttershy and Sunset returned but Twilight isn’t with them. “Hey where’s other me?” Human Twilight asked.“We’ll explain later, she also has Fluttershy, my and her gifts.” Sunset explained.“What is she doing?”“Let’s just say it’s her way of showing holiday cheer.” Fluttershy added. “Where’s Water Lily?”Human Twilight pointed at Water Lily’s spot in the main arena. She’s sitting with her sister Lily Pad and her mother Victoria by the tables. This gave Sunset and Fluttershy the advantage to have their princess friend to cheer Water up.“Perfect!” Sunset giving her friend a thumbs up. She then makes her way where Princess Twilight is waiting and gave her the cue. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” A voice came which caught all the kids attention, even Water Lily and her sister’s. Princess Twilight exposes herself in a red and white costume. She’s wearing a hat representing an old but sweet women who works with her husband same goes to her clean glasses. “Is everyone having a great holiday?” She called.This made all the kids smile in joy as they ran up to the princess in her red and white outfit. Princess Twilight is also holding a big red bag behind her back with the remaining gifts inside. All the kids center around Twilight, worshipping her from her entrance. Water Lily was so happy that Twilight is back after all this time. She wanted to meet her, but with the crowd of children in the way, she didn’t want to get bump which might caused her gift to Twilight ruined.Twilight can see Water Lily sitting with her family. Now that everything is working out, she’ll show how much she truly cares about her.“Twilight, you look awesome!” Rainbow commented.“Not to mention fabulous.” Rarity added.“And I have to say, you look really cute too.” Human Twilight smirked which made her counterpart blush.“Thanks. It was all Sunset’s idea.” Princess Twilight walking up to her friends.“And guess who’s here!” Pinkie pointing at Water Lily. Princess Twilight while still mad at her friend for putting her in this predicament, is saving Water Lily for last. As she hands out all the gifts to every single child around her, she also has a speech.“It’s nice to meet such sweet little children. If my husband had the time to come with me, he would allow one of you to sit on his lap and hear what you want as a gift from him.” Princess Twilight closed her eyes with a smile.“Wow, and I thought the man with the white beard is the only one honest to kids.” Henry Handle commented.“Tell me about it.” Gallop J. Fry added.“My parents are so taking me to every mall when this holiday comes.” Super Funk added. As they open up their gifts, Princess Twilight made her way to Water Lily.“Excuse me little girl.” She poked on Water’s shoulder. “I’ve heard you’ve been a very good girl.”“I sure am!” Water Lily shouted in joy.“Well I got something special for you.” Twilight rubbing on Water’s head. She digs inside her red bag and hand out three presents to Water’s family. One for Victoria, one for Lily Pad and one for Water Lily. Twilight’s gift to Water has seaponies with the ocean in the background as wrapping paper. This made Water Lily confused since she never saw a seapony in her whole life. To her, ponies and underwater don’t go together as species, but like everyone like her age, there’s a lot she doesn’t know about the world.She opened up her present and was really shocked by what Twilight gave her. It was a yellow seapony with her fins light blue. The plushie is way bigger then the other plushies she owns back at home.“What is this?” She asked.“It’s a Skystar plushie!” Twilight answered.“It looks wonderful!”“You’re right. Now whenever you go to sleep, Skystar will take you to your underwater sea adventures in your dreams.”Water Lily teared up in happiness from the quote she heard in her ears. She didn’t think her plushie would ever be this good from someone she wishes she can spend her time forever.“You’re the best!” Water Lily giving the red and white princess a hug. Twilight accepted the hug as she wrapped her arms around the child’s body.Meanwhile, the girls adore another moment between Twilight and Water. “When will we get a book of these darlings?” Rarity wrapping her fingers.“Until we get a lot of money.” Rainbow added.[hr]The Rainbooms hand out all the gifts to all the children. It took them time but it was worth it to make them happy in this holiday. Princess Twilight is with her human counterpart telling stories to the kids about their growing relationship. They had never been so happy in the state of friendship before and with the help from the princess, they decide to return a favor.“Well, that’s all the gifts.” Applejack taking a peek in the red bag.“And it took us more than an hour to show our holiday cheer.” Apple Bloom added as she took a seat by one of the decorated trees.The kids adore the gifts they received from the Rainbooms. From popular selling action figures, box office smash hits, blu ray movies and the toys and plushies that will make them occupied at home.“So Twilight?” Sunset crossing her arms. “Did you enjoy our holiday?”“Yes, just like Hearth’s Warming.” Princess Twilight turned around. “I might be thinking of going to this mall next year. It’s different, but similar in the right way.”Then Sunset placed her hands behind her back with her eyes lid. She’s been waiting for this moment ever since she and Twilight arrived at this mall.“Well, I think your going to love what we have prepared for you.”Then everyone who’s part of the Rainbooms, had out their holiday presents with their unique wrapping color style. Princess Twilight was surprised with all of her friends giving her something.Rarity has a big gift, Rainbow’s gift is made out of newspapers that aren’t perfectly connecting with the strings due to her wrapping efforts. Applejack and Apple Bloom’s gifts are mostly from their own money since they decided to pay for it together and Fluttershy’s gift is small but perfect in the inside for the Princess.“Happy Holidays Princess Twilight Sparkle!” All the girls shouted.Princess Twilight was speechless from the unexpected discovery. Inside, she grows a smile upon her face with small but powerful tears coming down her face. “Girls, this is one of the best days I had in this world…”“We’ve been thinking about you ever since you returned for our second yacht vacation.” Human Twilight replied.“And the fact you spend time with us, we wanted to make it up to you.” Fluttershy said with her sweet tone.“And we know you might be coming back so…” Apple Bloom tried to think of something to express. “I’m sorry there wasn’t anything I had to say.” This made her sister smirk, giggling that her young sister can’t finished her sentence.Without wasting time, the first person who hand her gift to Twilight is Rarity. With it being the biggest of all the gifts, Twilight placed her gift on the ground and tour up the wrapping. It’s revealed to be a pink winter coat that’s better then Sunset’s spare, the snow pants are far warm once you put them on and the purple snow hat has her cutie mark on it.“If your willing to be part of Sunset snowball warfare, you’ll feel warm at base darling.” Rarity giggled.“Thanks Rarity.” She gave Rarity a hug to which of course, the fashionista accepted. The next gift is from Applejack and Apple Bloom as the princess opened it. It’s revealed to be another country style cowboy hat.“You brought me a hat similar to yours?”“Yes, you know when we have another apple cider party,” Apple Bloom replied.“You’re invited next year.” Applejack finished but this made Twilight confused. “We...had an apple cider party a month ago.”This made Twilight understand Applejack’s gift. If she has the time next year, she’ll put Applejack’s party on her schedule for next year.Fluttershy’s gift has so much care into it, she isn’t shy of giving it to her princess friend. Twilight opened up her gift and it’s revealed to be a painting of her with Fluttershy sitting by her with all the animals in the forest around her.“I made it in art class.” Fluttershy blushed.“It’s perfect, I love it!” Twilight commented. “If only I know how to use my hands right, I might paint something for you.”This made Fluttershy placed her hand on Twilight's shoulder. “You need love to make art perfect.”“Friendship Love?” Twilight raised an eyebrow as the two laugh with a hug.The next gift is from Rainbow Dash. “Sorry, it's know.”“I understand, your counterpart has the same problem.” Twilight opened up Rainbow’s gift and it’s revealed to be a golden medal with her face on it.“This medal is for being the most loyal friend I had.”“We’re all loyal just like you Rainbow Dash.”“I know, it’s always true.”Twilight put the medal around her neck and gave Rainbow a fist pump. Next is Sunset’s gift. The Princess Of Friendship unwrapped it and it’s revealed to be a phone with a touch screen.“I know your not going to use this in Equestria but when you need our help, you can text us. Not to mention the apps you can mess around with.” Sunset showing off Twilight’s phone.Twilight didn’t understand the technology in this world but she found the phone really unique. With only a few places she didn’t go to in this world, she will use her own phone to connect to her friends.After she gave Sunset a hug, all that’s left is her counterpart who’s been waiting for her turn to happen. While most of her friends have great gifts, her gift is personal between her counterpart.She walks up to her, gave her the present and Princess Twilight tore the wrapping up. It’s a collage book with Human and Princess Twilight’s face on it. When she opened the book, tons and tons of photos feature her time with her friends back in her cruise vacation and during the Starswirl Festival. The collage book also has the photos of her time at the beach last year when she made new friends like Timber and Wallflower.“It took me a month to compete this with some help from my science friends.” Human Twilight pointed at her two friends who watched the whole moment, Alizarin Bubblegum and Celery Stalk who waved.Princess Twilight’s tears returned, she missed those moments so much, she’s afraid she might forget everything at some point when she gets carried away. Luckily thanks to her counterpart, all the memories she had all remains in her collage book.She gave her human counterpart a hug with a strong passion. “Your the reason why I’m coming back. If only I repay you back.”“You don’t have to repay me back. Everything about you is all I need from you.” Human Twilight smiled.Pinkie Pie does have a gift for Princess Twilight, but she’s going to save it for later since it’s also a gift for everyone. After the Twilights broke the hug, Water Lily slightly pulled on Twilight’s red outfit, caughting the princess’s attention.“I made a gift for you.” Water lifting her gift up.All the girls gasp in disbelief while Princess Twilight is surprised. During this entire day, she was so concerned to give Water a gift and never thought she would do the same. Without wasting a minute, Princess Twilight took Water’s gift and opened it. When her eyes lay on it upon its exposure, she couldn’t believe it.Water Lily made a doll out of her and she got all the fabric right. Her hair being purple is the right color, her clothing matches her cruise uniform and the button eyes are adorable. It was the best of her abilities to make the doll really good and somehow, it not got the princess’s approval, but her heart in the right place.Princess Twilight’s tears of joy returned, sparklier than ever as she gets on her knees, still looking at her doll. No one ever did this to make her heart so warm, it made her carry Water Lily off the ground and gave her a sweet hug.“This is the best gift in my life!” She cried. “Thank you so much! Water Lily!”“Happy Holidays.” Water Lily replied.Everyone around her are awwing the whole moment. A kid, who’s three years old gave Princess Twilight a gift that will always make her heart warm, it's something they tried to do and even they made her happy, it wasn’t enough.“She’s such a holiday angel.” Technicolor Waves wrapping her fingers together.“And have a heart of warm.” Kimberlite commented.Lily Pad and her mother, Victoria are so proud of their youngest daughter. “Mom, do you think we’re going to see Princess Twilight again?” Lily Pad asked.“From the way your sister show her friendship to a princess from her world, I’m sure she’ll come back.” Victoria smiled.Then everyone came up to Princess Twilight and Water Lily for a another group hug. Princess Twilight can see what her friends in this world do to celebrate this holiday. When she wrote a message to Sunset Shimmer instead the other way around, she didn’t expect anything like this and it goes to show that they do care about her. They’re holiday goal is to make Twilight’s Heart unable to break, while also putting her into the holiday spirit from their contributions.“I made some holiday cookies!” Pinkie Pie lifting her gift to her friends. “Who wants some?”The girls took one cookie from Pinkie Pie. Princess Twilight took two cookies, one for herself and what for Water Lily. Her cookie is a man in a red suit like her but with a beard while Water Lily’s cookie is a snowman. Twilight will enjoy her gift she got from the child and as for Water, her dreams will get better when she sleeps with her seapony plushie tonight, as it represents whom she really cares about.
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:bulletpurple: Art not finished is not accepted.
:bulletpurple: Please be nice and treat our staff and members with respect.
:bulletpurple: If you need a folder, you can just ask.

Icon of the group made by :iconpon-ee:





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