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As the title says we need admins so if you're interested send me a note with the answers of the following questions :

-How much time are you spending on DA?
-Why do you want to be admin?
-Are you an admin in other groups?

Thank you! :D
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My thoughts on chapter 2 of Make your Mark,So, I finally watched chapter 2 of Make your Mark. It took me a long time to finish it because chapter 2 is actually a pack of 8 episodes, 21 minutes per episode. I donít understand why the animation team or producers did this after having one fine chapter months ago. Maybe the first chapter was too long, maybe they had extra time for chapter 2, maybe there was a different pipeline after chapter 1, who knows.Before I start sharing my thoughts, I have four common complaints for all episodes.1) Some of the main characters abuse one character feature per pony too much. Zipp was cool acting like a detective in chapter 1, but when you do that over and over again for many episodes, it starts to feel lazy and derivative. It reminded me of those moments in Friendship is Magic where Pinkie Pie starts to scream to someone.2) This repetition is reinforced with some background music that feels like stock footage music. In the case of Zipp, whenever she talks, thereís always that cliche detective theme. I donít know if they had very little of what they had in the editing department and sound department, but I think doing this constantly will make these characters less interesting of what they were in A New Generation and the first chapter. It would be a disservice in the long run.3) Sparky as a character isnít really interesting. I donít think heís annoying, but heís getting there in some parts. And his breath magic of randomly changing things feels off and out of focus. I canít think of many possibilities with this idea.4) While I chuckled with one or two jokes each episode, I wish these were funnier. While some sequences are essentially slapsticks, it doesnít get it right when it comes to physical comedy. If thatís the intention of the writers, I think they should go for a contemplative approach.With all that said, letís talk about chapter 2. In a lot of ways, pretty much a lot happens. Thereís Sunnyís birthday, thereís Misty who works for the villain Opaline who might have some intentions, earth ponies discover they can do whacky things with magic, the little dragon is kidnapped, etc. I donít mind seeing little subplots in this type of episodes, but most of the time it loses their focus very quick, to be point where they have to depend on slapsticks more than they needed. Itís kinda weird, because, as far as I know, chapter 1 doesnít have a lot of crazy slapsticks. If anything, most of their sequences were just conversations and how Sunny tries to maintain the friendship she achieved after so many struggles. Because of that, episodes like Growing Pains, The Cutie Mark mix-up and Have you seen this dragon (episodes with a hevy focus on slapsticks) arenít very interesting, which is a pity, because I think one rewrite of these episodes could make them stronger and more focused.The episode I was afraid the most out of all the eight episodes was Ali-Conned, a story where Sunny gets every kind of positive attention only because of her random alicorn powers. For some context, in the first episode Misty arrives to Maretime Bay to give Sunny a golden mirror as a gift, a magical mirrow that allows Opaline to see her and easily manipulate her when the occasion is there. In this episode, she has the chance to manipulate. I was really afraid because since the very first minute I already imagined the outcome of the story: Sunny not fighting the temptation, letting it go and using her power for her own benefit, because it already happened in the past, many times I must add. However, as soon as Opalineís plan jinxes because of Sunnyís positive attitude, I was glad that the writers did this. In addition to that, thereís a very good line of Sunny later in her house thatís pretty great:ďI don't want to be followed and adored just because of what I am. I want ponies to believe Ė truly believe Ė in what they're fighting for. That they can make the world a better place for every ponykind.ĒItís pretty great to hear something this refreshing in a kids show, especially after the ending of Friendship is Magic. And I love Izzyís answer to Sunnyís concerns. I donít want to spoil it, but itís very good and very cute. When it comes to stories targeted for kids, I always bring up the responsibility argument. I already shared my thoughts on Starlight Glimmer and I donít care if someone tells me that ďIím a justice warriorĒ or whatever that means. If you donít care about the consequences of what you do, as if the end justifies the means, as if thereís no place for integrity, that says more about you than what you want to say. Iím glad they didnít go for the obvious route in this episode, because weíve seen it many many times and Iím tired of it. If this was a story written by Josh Haber, the result might have been what you were already imagining. I think this one gets better in a second watch than the first one, kinda like Family Appreciation day from the season 2 of Friendship is Magic. The sleepover episode was also very decent because, despite I have little problems with one detail of the ending, the Mane 5 have a chance to meet Misty. Since sheís a unicorn, Izzy gets so excited and so invested in getting to know her that itís very cute. And, like Campfire tales, thereís a story within a story. Not only that, there are two versions of one story. It kinda reminds me of a couple of history books I had to read back in school art (because there was a subject called ďSpain historyĒ) and how some people tried to rewrite history by changing one specific detail of the story to make it look different yet ďauthenticĒ. Kinda like what Misty does here. I like to see something like that, I donít remember anything like this in Friendship is Magic. And no, P.P.O.V. from season 6 doesnít count. It was very boring and very meaningless. Iím talking about an actual meaningful story with very clear stakes. Thereís a couple of specific details I donít like about chapter 2. For example, I donít think Sparky is very interesting as a character. I know heís a baby, but I donít see why his dragon fire is that interesting. It just changes the shape of anything randomly. Oh wow, the garbage can became a carrot because of dragon fire. Itís literally the same outcome of the joke, something changes as another thing in a random pattern. I already mentioned how often Zipp acts like a detective, but did I mention that she wears some science fiction glasses? Whatís that about? How are all these futuristic gadgets, including a little flying robot, related to detective stuff? I associate this type of things to superheroes. If Zipp was wearing this because she wanted to be like a hero, then yeah, that would be funny. But the fact sheís wearing this while acting like a detective (when a detective is supposed to not be noticeable) is very weird. And again, the physical comedy doesnít work as much as if the show would have been animated in 2D.One quick positive note: While the pop songs are tiring sound wise, the songs that sound different are great. Thereís a song in the ending of Portrait of a princess (very decent episode, by the way) that works from a emotional and dramatic standpoint. This type of songs is what Make your Mark needs. And thereís also a lullaby at the end of Have you seen this dragon that also sounds beautiful. The only problem is that you have to go through so many crazy slapsticks before.Despite the problems, I still like chapter 2. If you ask me, I think chapter 1 is better because it has a lot of focus on the characters, which is good. Chapter 2 is fine, but it falls on the trap of repeating the same character feature over and over again instead of adapting the character in different situations or territories. Friendship is Magic had that problem, but it came out waaay later, right in season 3, not season 1. I really hope the writers give more room to the Mane 5, because I donít think Zipp ever needs more detective episodes after this. In chapter 1 it made sense because it was something new, something I didnít expect, but I didnít expect her to be the detective all the time in chapter 2. I like her as a character, I like her voice, but I also donít want her to have only one character feature. Let the mane 5 evolve, please, and I donít mean ďgive them ambiguous morals at the expense of the showĒ, I mean give them different character features that allow them to be expressive.Before I wrap this up, I have to talk about two things. Thereís a big spoiler in the ending of the second episode where we see Twilight Sparkle. Unfortunately I saw the spoiler before watching the episode, which is a shame. I got spoiled in DeviantArt and in Derpibooru, and I think there has to be a way to filter all this stuff as ďbig spoilerĒ covering the information I didnít need to know before watching chapter 2. And while I donít think the reveal was whacky, I do hope itís just a recorded message, because I really donít want Twilight to directly interact with the Mane 5. Let the Twilight tale be over. She had a good run. The second thing is Misty. While we already saw her at the end of chapter 1, we didnít know exactly who she was. And before watching chapter 2, I watched so many fanarts about her being the ďsixth oneĒ of the Mane 5. My inmediate thought was ďis she going to be the new one at the end of chapter 2?Ē. But at the end of the last episode she isnít, which is pretty rare. Considering how incredibly rushed Cutie Remark was back in 2015, youíd expect the writers to go for it and say ďMisty gets reformed out of nowhereĒ. But no, it concludes with Misty getting yelled by Opaline and crying in her room because of her attitude. Iím assuming theyíre gonna take some time to develop her more in the future, which is great. Can you imagine how weird, odd and uncomfortable would it be if Misty only appeared in the beginning of the first episode and the ending of the eighth episode and suddenly said ďyeah I changedĒ right at the end of chapter 2? Iím glad theyíre taking their time, because something like this wouldnít have been possible in Cutie remark back in 2015, let alone Cutie map. And we kinda know what the stakes are considering what and who Opaline is interested in.If they want to make the plot more meaningful, thereís a couple of things Iíd like to see in the future.First, Iíd like to see less slapsticks and more scenes where the main characters share their views on a problem or a situation. That totally worked in chapter 1, so I hope they go back to that.Second, I want to see more character features in the main characters. Zipp as a detective in chapter 1 was fine, but I got really tired in chapter 2. I really hope we can see more of these characters.Third, I absolutely love everything what theyíve done with Sunny Starscout. I hope they maintain the character, her idealistic attitude, her view on friendship and her integrity, because it would make her struggles more heavy in the next episodes. Iíve never liked that much a main character of the My Little Pony franchise since the first episode of Friendship is Magic and Call of the Cutie back in 2011, so I hope she doesnít lose her charm.Fourth, Iíd like to see Sparky having a shorter growth aging process compared to the ponies in Make your Mark. While Iím not fully interested where he came from, I want him to grow as a kid who can talk and have his own opinion. I donít want him to be exactly like Spike (that would be completely ridiculous), but Iíd like to see a character whoís more curious than the Mane 5. I think this can lead to some interesting conflicts and revelations.Lastly, and seeing what theyíve done with Misty so far, please, PLEASE, do NOT repeat the Starlight situation. Keep the story simple and straightfoward. Donít glorify a powerful hypocrite, please. Don't overcomplicated things. We already had enough in the last 4 seasons of Friendship is Magic, thank you. The more vulnerable a character is, the better the audience can relate to the blank flank. Do something different with Misty, something more meaningful, something more refreshing, something more authentic.I think thatís everything. Hopefully chapter 3 will be as good as chapter 1 and A new generation. I want them to do something new and different. EDIT: I've noticed some paragraphs were too close each other, so I've separated them for a more preferable lecture.
Equestria Girls
Is It Okay If We Call You Antoinette? by EmeraldBlast63
MLP Oc Next Gen - Vinyl x Punk Rarity auction clos by MH-Adopts


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