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Welcome to Pony-Commissions

This group is used to advertise the work of artists with only a single common interest - ponies. Whether you are a sculptor, a painter or a tailor, this group aims to help you get in contact with commissioners.
If you're looking for someone to make a commission for you, feel free to browse group gallery. The featured folder serves as a showcase for various artists, but we are sure some of the other folders will catch your interest.

The Rules

  1. Membership - any deviant can become a member and gains the ability to submit to the gallery. There are no contributors. If you would like to become an administrator, contact the group via a note.
  2. Featured folder - The featured folder serves as a visual showcase. It only hosts images that a member finds highly important such as a yearly giveaway, your "best piece ever", or your most important commission information. Each member can submit a single deviation to the featured folder per month so be sure it's what you really want to feature before you submit it!
  3. Gallery Folders - Global submission limit is 1 submission per folder per day per deviant. Detailed folder information (what's allowed in each folder and what's not) may be found here.
  4. Commission lists - the group hosts a series of specialized commission lists (see below). Please note individuals are responsible for notifying the group when their information changes so the group is not responsible if you contact an artist and their prices are different than the listed ones.
  5. Restrictions - mature and suggestive content is not allowed. Anthropomorphic ponies are allowed to a reasonable degree.

Commission lists

The following lists hold the currently offered commissions. To get on the list, follow the instruction within. If your information is no longer valid, contact the group via a note.

Animation Commissions

Clothing Commissions

Custom Pony Commissions

Digital Art Commissions

Plushie Commissions

Traditional Art Commissions

Written Commissions

Miscellaneous Commissions


Yearly (I guess now, lol) reminder! With an addendum! Just a clear title for those who come to the page!

We ONLY accept MLP related artwork and commission information here!

:bulletblue: For artwork, it HAS to be MLP! This means NO regular horses! If it's heavily stylized and it doesn't have a cutie mark, it may get declined. To add, no species other than what appear in the show, and it has to be apparent that you are depicting a MLP version of said creature. (I.e. dragons, kirin, griffins, hippogriffs, etc have to be designed based on MLP:FiM's interpretations.)  

:bulletblue: For commission information, IT MUST BE PRIMARILY PONY! You can't put "ponies" in a "what I can do" section, and then pretty much all of your examples/gallery be furry or others. This group is for MLP artists and those seeking MLP artists, not "I drew a pony once/I think I could do a pony." This is up to my discretion when I'm accepting/declining, but I'm usually pretty lenient. If each commission "type" has at least one pony example, I usually accept. Rule of thumb: IF I HAVE TO HUNT TO FIND THE PONY CONTENT, IT WILL BE DECLINED.

:bulletblue: YCH "previews" have to be pony in nature: the sketch can't look like an anthro dog and you say "can be pony" in the description. It has to be apparent from the thumbnail that it's pony/anthro pony.

Hope this clears a few things up!
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Twilight Cutie Mark science Adoptable Open (1/2) by GaleemLightSeraphim  is it allowed to my cute mark ???
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SB - 40$
MIN - 1$
AB - 180$ (+ waist up art with the adopt character or other)
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