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A note from Middy who is a co-writer of this comic: This was a fun one, not only because you get the rare image of Rarity in motorcycle leathers tossing back a pint, but also because it's fun to see a character's personality evolving in new dimensions. Could Rarity have a tough biker girl side? Sure - why not? Good characters, real characters, aren't slavishly beholden to a set of immutable traits.

What I stumble upon quite often in comments (not necessarily mine) are various 'rants' about characters behaving OOC. And it applies not only to works of fans, but also to official content. People always find something that they find 'OOC' in a character's behavior, often writing rants about lazy/bad writing. The funny thing is the same fans continuously claim that MLP characters have "depth" to their personalities and have many dimensions. But when their behavior in a fan-made or official work deviates form a simple behavior pattern, many express their disappointment or just anger. They forget that there are many writers of the show/comics, and they don't necessarily share the same vision of a character, or just need to stretch some traits to suit the plot (edit: also, fans sometimes have their own idea the show should follow, and get angry when their expectations aren't met). But most importantly, no one is bound by fans' headcanons or 'legacy' of the original creator. Also, creators get ideas over the course of a series run to improve/change something in a heavy way, just because they can (see: retcons). As for fan-made works, people often don't notice fan-artist intentionally deviate from established personalities of characters to show something that couldn't be put on TV. Or they intentionally flanderize or otherwise alter their personalities for whatever reason (Also, fan-artists' headcanons are the main factor). Instead of not caring that much about that, some bronies will run around the Internet shouting 'OOC! OOC!' because they know better what a fictional character would do. Of course, it would do the same thing every single time, because nothing influences a character's behavior except a simple stereotypical personality made up by a single fan, right?
Luckily, there are still many people who can see what's being done in a comic and can take a joke as well.

PS: the idea for this comic was inspired by various comments I read on EQD (regarding official episodes or IDW comics) and some comments on DA.
PS 2: Everyone can criticise anything they want to, but they should have some legit reason rather than writing OOC due to a random occurence in an episode...

As for the question in the title. Whose Character? Hasbro's of course - Rarity and MLP belong to Hasbro. If you translate it, do not (re)post on DeviantArt. | 17/18-04-2015 EQD comic post, 13 Sept 2016 Rarity Day comic post, <a ref="…">Sep 12 2017 EQD Rarity Day post 2018 Sep 11 EQD Rarity Day

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