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Weekend at Shiny's



Commissioned (and written) by :iconmattx16:
Art by me, of course.

The crystal ponies are ponified versions of Henchmen 21 (the green one) and 24 (The gray one) from the Venture Bros. TV show. Since I didn't even hear about this show prior to getting this commission, but after watching some clips, I think I'd enjoy it immensely. The gray pony in a hat in Panel 4 is Longhaul - an OC of MrPOSSLQ who donates to my 
Patreon account,
and the presence of his character in this comic is his 'reward'.
The pink/purple filly in Panel 4 is Pina Colada - a random background filly I decided to use.
PS: Shining Armor's magic is blue in the official comics, and I like it more than the TV show's version.

On a technical side of things - this was the first time I drew Crystal Ponies. They weren't as difficult as I expected. Textures did the trick. I used some free-to-uses textures: 1, 2 and 3.
From subtle things - I used 3 point perspective in Panel 1. You know, to be 'fancy' :P
While I thought this comic would be 'easy' and 'fast', I was too optimistic about 'fast'. It was rather easy, but it took a bit longer than I expected... Oh, well.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. | Crystal ponies 21 and 24 are used as parody of Henchmen 21 and 24. | Longhaul belongs to MrPOSSLQ | 14/15-08-2014 EQD comic post
Special thanks to Middy and VoidChicken for their advice.

Do you want to see your character in my comic? You can still get a spot by donating to my patreon.  More details in the rewards section under 'hamstring'! You can also support me there with a symbollic donation as well!
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Damn it Shining, you are not this pathetic.