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Commissioned by :iconanzelpony: who wanted a picture for his fanfiction fanfic titled Silent Knight: Memoirs of a Royal Guard" .
I came up with an idea for a picture that is an extension to a scene from the fanfic. In the scene, Luna accidentally uses the enchanted body wash borrowed by one of her royal guards. The picture features Luna with her dyed mane and coat, and OCs - Silent Knight, Iridescence and Miley (the brown mare who used the body wash - as a creature that does not cast magic, she has no side effects Luna has).

Ok, two things. First - the song is a reference to Rihanna's song "Oh, na na". Second - 'magic' users are those who cast magic actively. Passive auras like earth ponies or pegasi have do not count. Magic as in casting magic with horns or other body parts if applicable. Levitation, transmutation etc. 

Thanks to Middy for help with the text on the bottle.
MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC Royal Guards belong to AnzelPony | 15 Jan 2015 EQD comic post  |  If you translate or repost, credit me and link back here. Do not post on DeviantArt! 

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