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The Times, They Are A Changeling!

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A (crazy) picture commissioned by :iconmagicman001:
Actually I was crazy here. I turned a simple idea into... this. It took almost 3 weeks of almost daily work to finish (yeah, I know I'm slow). And at the end my file broke and I lost ca. 8 hours of work. Anyway, this picture contains redesigned changelings. MagicMan001 wanted them to have "more relatable" look, i.e. normal eyes and manes. His headcanon (expressed in his fanfics) is that civilian changelings look different than soldiers. I didn't exactly like the idea of changelings with pony features which make them look like pony/changeling hybrid, so we agreed on making them look a tiny bit more like changelings.
This picture depicts a riot of changelings who are trying to overthrow Chrysalis. One of the signs demands incorporation into Equestrian Union, which is an obvious reference to Ukrainian protests (his suggested title was Equestriamaidan :P). The location of the scene is changeling's capital, but it's not supposed to be the vilage seen in IDW comics. I included that green goo, because it looks cool and sinister.
You can find a few easter eggs in this pic.
If you are interested in this idea, you might want to read his fanfics: Citizen Weevil by MagicMan001 and Maternal Instinct by Magicman001

The exact thoughts of MagicMan001 on the idea behind this picture:
"The basic concept here is that in the capital city of the Changeling Kingdom (the actual homeland, not the imperial colony as shown in the comics) the Changeling populace has had enough of their backward and corrupt Queen and have taken to the streets, demanding reform and change (*drum beat*), the most popular being joining the Equestrian Union, especially after Chrysalis turned down an Association Agreement in favor of a deal with the Griffin Empire, as well as for Chrysalis to abdicate the throne!
Also, the whole idea with giving civilian changelings more pony-like eyes and manes is kinda my way of wanting to "humanize/ponify" the changelings in a sense. In my headcanon, changeling soldiers' manes are shaved off to make them more aerodynamic in combat when they join the army. Also, if you're wondering about the heavy presence of mares*, it's because in my headcanon, changelings are a matriarchy, thus mares would take part most in the revolution. 
I hope you like it, but if you don't, please keep in mind that it is my idea, not Pony-Berserker's, and criticism should be towards me (...)."
* - PS from Pony-Berserker: These changelings can be either female or... male with long manes? Because why not? It's up to your imagination now!
MLP belongs to Hasbro

This picture was a header in Drawfriend Stuff #1197 - 15(US)/16(EU) Jun 2014
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I love your work
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Reme real life people are jerks
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Vector Sigma....
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Lol, changeling derpy
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Easter eggs, hmm, let me see.
Changeling Derpy likes muffins too.
Changeling Rainbow Dash smashes the statue's horn.
At the top of a roof in the background ther's a changeling throwing down an... egg? stone?
Well several signs, of course; 9 in total.

Certainly I still missed so much.
Any advice?

Poor one who catched fire. :(
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"Changeling Rainbow Dash smashes the statue's horn"
WRONG, that's Applejack.

You're welcome!
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Hmm? I don't know, I see a flying bug-pony with rainbowified hair and purplish-pink eyes, so my guess is Rainbow Dash.
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actually it is rainbow dash because its more then a shaded, grey applejack hair color. Sorry!
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Oh, the coloring definitely confused me so much..

Sorry for that m8 :disappointed: 
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Congratulations, the title basically predicted the future!
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I like how I searched up "Ukraine Riots" expecting to see a lot of photos, but this is the first thing that comes up.
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They hate her now because she never tell the truth or they like luna and celestia now and they are tearing the place apart... And they might plan to move to celestia and luna's castle but underground so there place but remain a secret from the outsiders...
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I'm guessing that Comic Changelings and Show Changelings are two different species. Especially since they were once friends with the Crystal Empire in the comics, but they didn't turn rainbow so that tells me that this is one aspect where the comics and show don't overlap.
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You know what? I would watch the s**t out of this.
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And this is almost exactly what happened in the finale. Rebellion against the queen.
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Love the Ditzey Doo changling!
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that moment when a episode is called like this

and this was made way before season 6
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O_o...... ah betcha feel real giddy havin the name of the episode exactly da same as yours......
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I just find it funny but good art..
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Y'know, I hadn't really thought about the Changing HIVE as much as I did their so-called "big fat Tyrant". With their queen out of the picture, it gives a lot more insight on how the rest of the hive might behave.
Same thing with a lot of insect colonies, like bees.

That saying I LOVE this image. <3
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