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The Royal Flu (Page 7)

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Story: Lionel23
Art: Pony-Berserker
Script editors: Pony-Berserker, VoidChicken

Now some 'behind the scenes' to explain why it took only 2,5 months to get to finishing this page. It took quite some time to get some, um, compromise between me and the writer. Sadly, the ending will lack my, um, personal touch if I might say so. The writer, Lionel23 was extremely specific on the page layout and general setting and insisted on doing it this way, and in the end I just went with this. At least I still managed to add a few easter eggs. The exact wording was also left to me. In my initial approach to this page, the page layout was different (more lazy I guess), Luna was less concerned about Royal Guards:P 
And no, there is no good explanation why Luna tried to sneakily deliver the soup, possibly letting it go cold before Celestia notices. Me and the writer are both aware of this little inconsistency.
And no, Tiberius is not dead - you can see him in the final panel. 

Panel 4 features Silver Sickle - a Royal Guard OC who belongs to ThePonyStark - one of my Patreon supporters.
If you enjoy my comics and pictures, you too can support me on Patreon. My patreon followers could have seen the comic earlier, and got WIPs and sneak peeks during my work on this page.

small>MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC's belong to their respective owners. | If you repost or translate, credit me and link back here. Do not (re)post it on DeviantArt! 15-06-2015 EQD comic post.
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Is that massive box of sweetener a "Celestia Hates Tea" reference?
Ojunix's avatar
Why does Luna have Ashbringer?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
She completed the artifact questline for retri paladins, obviously :P
lynx318's avatar
Glad to see Tibbles made it back to bed too.
Pojo-san's avatar
I see Luna has obtained Ashbringer :)
Pony-Berserker's avatar
In "Legion" all retri palas will have one... because logic :P
Pojo-san's avatar
I love how the Frost DK's are going to get reforged versions of Frostmourne.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
As long as they nerf them to the ground, they can have Frostmourne and other cool stuff :P
Pojo-san's avatar
But where is the fun it if they can't devour the souls of the fallen and not be allowed to go insane with Frostmourne's constant whispering in their ears? :D (Big Grin) 
DSC-the-Artist's avatar
thats so nice from Luna to care about her sister.
i mean.......
.....she tried........very very hard.

I love this
Epicgirlmaddie's avatar
That's me after a long day of school, throw my backpack, shoes, socks, and school clothes on the floor toward my bed, jumping into pjs and hopping in bed.
Starbat's avatar
Aww... Luna tries so hard.  ^_^
SilentCarto's avatar
"It's like there's a potty in my mouth and everyone's invited!"
Cylestea's avatar
it took me this long to realize the ASH BRINGER in the last panel 
Lunamoonwalker's avatar
Hmmm..I wonder what Tia'll think of the soup.......
Gromf007's avatar
That's so lovely, can't wait for the updates. Heart The amount of work you put into each piece is pretty impressive.
LOLWhoopie's avatar
cant wait for the next one! this comic is amazing :D
Darrow-R-Griffin's avatar
The Alone in the Dark reference made me laugh.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Uh, oh. What Alone in the Dark reference? :O
Darrow-R-Griffin's avatar
On second thought, it may not have been AITD, but I DO remember a magazine ad for a horror game saying "What doesn't kill you will make you wish it had. I was positive it was Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.
karkovice1's avatar
*Celestia spits the soup out* UGH! DISGUSTING!
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