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The Royal Flu (Page 6)



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Story: Lionel23
Art: Pony-Berserker
Script editors: Middy, Pony-Berserker 

Remember, if there is a Gilligan cut, there might also be a flashback in the future.
It took just less than three months to release this page, because... reasons.

Panel 1 features Silver Sickle - a Royal Guard OC who belongs to :icontheponystark: - one of my Patreon supporters (this is his reward for continuous high-tier donations). It's just a common royal guard (with a scar under his blind eye), so he fits perfectly in a Canterlot background.
If you enjoy my comics and pictures, you too can support me on Patreon. My patreon followers could have seen the comic earlier, and got WIPs and sneek peaks over last weeks.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC's belong to their respective owners. | If you repost or translate, credit me and link back here. Do not (re)post it on DeviantArt! | 24-03-2015 EQD comic post
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BTW: "Tia" is actually short for Transient ischemic attack... better known as a stroke... the more you know!
Credit to Google and Maya Clinic.