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The Royal Flu (Page 5)



Luna is facing the reality. In a way.

:bulletblue: Comic cover

:bulletred: First page
:bulletorange: The Royal Flu (Page 2)
:bulletgreen: Page 3 - The Royal Flu (Page 3)
:bulletblue: Page 4 - The Royal Flu (Page 4)
:bulletred: Page 5 - You are here!
:bulletblack: Page 6 -
The Royal Flu (Page 6)

Story: Lionel23
Art: Pony-Berserker
Script editors: Middy, VoidChicken, Pony-Berserker and soundslikeponies (yes, many people)

Mr. Terrible Cake is my new OC. Because yes. Sometimes you get crazy ideas when drawing comics.
Panel 4 features OC's of my Patreon supporters: Magello's Southern Comfort, MrPOSSLQ's Longhaul and Justin Blum's Show Stopper. Other ponies in the further background are just random ponies with mostly random colors, based on ponies you can find in official MLP comics. Oh, and Flash Sentry is there too. You can find him in Panel 4 and see what ponified Weird Al and Andrew WK did to him.

PS: Luna in the official IDW comic refers to Rainbow Dash as 'rainbow-haired one', and to Pinkie Pie as 'that one', which clearly indicates she doesn't exactly remember all their names. It's humorous but it might make sense, since they didn't spend a lot of time with Luna.

Luckily, I managed to finish this comic before New Year.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro | If you repost or translate, credit me and link back here. Do not (re)post it on DeviantArt! | 30/12/2014 EQD post 
PS: My patreon followers could have seen the comic earlier, and got WIPs and sneek peaks over last weeks! You can join them and pledge your donation here.
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Comics from the times this was posted often no longer are.

I hope your masterpieces never disappear.