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The Leaping Apple of Ponyville

I know I should have finished Better See Pinkie series instead of making this comic I just felt like drawing this silly comic about Applejack meeting The Biting Pear of Salamanca, a.k.a. Lolwut pear because AJ sure loves pears, amirite? And there is no better pear than Lolwut Pear.
Middy is a co-author of this script. It's funny what can come out of a series of private messages on twitter :P

Well, I hope you like this comic. (Now I'm going back to Better See Pinkie. It's coming.)

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Lolwut Pear was created by ursulav. Apr 2, 2017 EQD comic post
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The snack that smiles back.
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Looks more like a lima bean than a bear
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"Lol wut" is precisely what I say when I see the pear.
Episode 13 of season 7....... How ironic.
Kyoshyu's avatar it was some mushroom... :D
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"Hey! Sass-sqash! We got something for ya!" 
medicinearrow's avatar
I love AJ's response. 
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meh, this meme is lame 4 stars . IGN
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Am I the only one who's wondering why she's growing pears? :+fav:
Shout out to all the Pears!!
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At least it isn't singing to someone named Seymour.
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Best and funniest comic I've ever seen! Applejack (uh sorry) plz Salamanca Pear Icon 
>8).... well done, /b/.... well done... *sniff*...
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It's the Flim Flam brothers and their devious GMO pears!
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*Starts humming the 'doom song'* 
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Feed me AJ
Feed me all night long
ha thats right girl you can do it
Feed me AJ 
Feed me all night long
Cause if you feed me AJ I can grow up Big and strong

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