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The Fruits of Neighilism

Once this idea sparked in my head, I had to make it to find catharsis. It could not be undone.

Pinkie sings a slightly altered version of a song "Bullet" by Hollywood Undead. Link to the song -…
The pony in the last but one panel is a ponified Arthur Schopenhauer - the ultimate pessimist among philosophers.

Thanks to Middy for his always helpful suggestions and moral support.

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Schopenhauer pony designed by me and Middy Nov 16, 2016 EQD comic post

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After watching Gurren Lagann, it's hard NOT to agree with Shoppin' Hauler.

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Yeah pretty sad to see that pinky doesn't realize it's not so much cartoon physics that's protecting her as her status as a main character. Main characters are not Untouchable but you simply can't get rid of them.
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Unless the show ends.
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Theoretically that works but as long as the show still has copies of it then they exist forever within that time frame. You can always be visited again

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Good point. She’ll always have reruns.

oh, this made me think of an urban legend:
someone wanted to commit suicide, so he set up a noose, AND took poison, AND held a gun to his head, then jumped...
but the bullet somehow missed his head and broke the rope, he landed in water and half-drowned, then threw up (saving him from the poison)...
in some versions of the story he eventually dies of hypothermia.
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Pinkie, Don't
I'm gonna jump
Don't do it, I'm sorry I blew it
It's a little to late (No). You can't change my fate (stop), I'll leave you and this whole cruel world behind, permanently
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aint that from Tomska's muscial suicide?
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If this gets made into a pmv, I'd watch it every single day for the rest of my life
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Hehe, Schopenhauer is the best. 
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i starting singing a mix of: Journey - Don't Stop Believing (mainly that midnight train line), Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody, with a little bit of Nickelback - Lullaby as i read this.

i DONT know why it reminded me of those three songs. XD
"nihilism" always makes me think of that Marvel comic book character Thanos...
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this dragon needs a hug :(.... poor baby
Now a normally stepford smiler pollyanna was influenced by the ideas from a straw nihilist.
I can has TV Tropes?
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Ahaha great wings of desire reference. :)
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I'm not sure if this makes the world feel small or just the fandom, but heya :p
gohlanblack's avatar
xD Aye. Also, six months later... hahaha
PS: You'd *love* it here at Los Alamos. :) 
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i like that song, thank you
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Bet you could kill her with dip
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only Schopenhauer-pony could get Pinkie to be the exact opposite of Pinkie.  XD  slightly dark, but funny!
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I feel like the way she sings her song is the same lyrical way she sings the smile song  LOL
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