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Terrible Event Horizon

That would be a way better and more appropriate version of that scene from Season 6 finale...
In my opinion, the new changeling design is atrocious and of course I don't think that reforming such evil creatures should take place in a deus ex machina mode in 5 seconds... At least my Queen is still evil    
Some people asked me what's with my OC now - you'll see in my next comic.

Thanks to :Middy for all suggestions.

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. 24/25 Oct 2016 EQD comic post

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I just wish that they kept their original color palette and look less holey. The new design makes your eyes hurt and the antlers it's kinda sad.

But yes, long live the evil queen!

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If it makes you happy I have my idea for a show and Thorax is the punching bag/joke of the series.

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TBH I don't understand the dislike on the reformed changelings.

This isn't the first time we saw magic instantly transform a mean villain into a pastel-colored good guy (okay maybe first time on such a large scale). It's not like the old appearance was that cool either, save from having cheese bodies. Nor was it creative, it was the same old "black-colored with sharp fangs", "enjoys making good guys suffer" and "decaying body equals evil".
And, really... stealing "love" by... *scaring and angering* your victims? except those who're into bondage, of course~

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate their "evil" designs (the way some people hate the reformed ones), they just were pretty stereotyped. Chrysalis's tactics were quite obviously terrible too, no wonder Starlight easily convinced the drones to follow Thorax's example instead.

Difference being Thorax looks stupid and is a bad character.

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Cause it took the previous episode lesson on how to not judge a book by it's cover, and trampled it by making no changelings look remotely like the previous lings and all of them colorful and bright? 
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We already learned that lesson in the episode introducing Zecora, plus Discord's reforming and a few subsequent Discord episodes. It hasn't been trampled in any manner, unless there were other villains-turned-good having physically transformed but I'm not remembering?

As for Changelings, they seem to be heavily based on bugs... which molt and very often metamorphose. It's not much of a stretch to think this transformation is a natural part of their life cycle.

Chrysalis's method of forcibly stealing love from other creatures, likely limited supply and thus starved them. Lacking energy to produce pigmentation and fill the holes, they may have grown in size without being able to mature.
Or maybe sharing love instead of nonconsensually sucking it out of victims, caused other phenomena I can't be bothered to detail here now.
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Personally, I like the new design.
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If you’re so bitchy about the design then why did you change your OC bub?
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It's just a comic, and you can find the answer for your question in another comic of mine.
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I love the new look but Starlight's face is priceless.
The show has limped on the crutch of deus ex machina since season 3 finale 

and i I agree that a much better story has been wasted here as it has been before

plus the transformation period doesn’t make that much sense and the colors are really awkward 

and it’s an obnoxious substitute for character development and action and the beauty of learning to love the perfect imperfections- instead of arbitrarily transforming them away

and don’t get me started on that cliche of winner gets the power because they deserve it because they Are “good” because only a leader can make a difference, not like teamwork could teach anything of equal or greater significance, oh no, thier MUST be a leader to the team only leaders embody the example (internal screaming)
the way their tails look EXACTLY like their wings...REALLY lousy design, IMO.
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"I spent a lot of time leveling up for this
"Well, that definitely means you've done something terrible. Repeatedly
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I'm honestly surprised you decided to change Berzie. He was so iconic as that little black and blue bug.
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He was... Really drunk at the time
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I'm still unsettled by the design of the new changelings. Sparkling wings were enough, jeez. 
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I'm still waiting for anything interesting to come off this change in the fanfiction scene.

I mean, this moment was a real downer in an otherwise great finale, trampling all over headcanons and an entire subgenre of MLP-fanfics. But I was hopeful about what the fandom would make of this development .... aaaand nothing.

Well. Not "nothing", but nothing that really stands out. Or nothing much, anyway.

I've read a few nice fluff-pieces, or Shining Armor and Thorax talking things out a bit, but that's all.

"Cheeseleg classic" had conflict and drama built-in by default. Now all of that is gone, and ... now what?

When Discord was reformed, he didn't stop being a troublemaker - he is still interesting to read about. There's still conflict. Drama. Stuff! Things!

But barely anypony has really done anything with these new changelings. Here's to hoping season 7 will do something that will inspire people to write some more interesting fanfictions stemming from this change.

That hypothetical "trouble maker" changeling from Twilight's imagined scene in s7e01 actually gives me some hope. Somepony write a fic about that 'ling. :P
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anything happened in the fanfiction scene? :P
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
I'm assuming you're referring to Occelus?

Well, there's a handful of stories involving the "student 6", one of which "just so happens to be a changeling". And I do mean "handful", there's, like, only 15 or so, so far.

Huh. I'd have expected a bit more by now. :O

A few of them are funny I guess. But except for maybe one or two, none of them focus on her as "being a changeling". :shrug:

Ah well, the season is still young. And I'm still waiting for a few certain authors to tackle these characters and see where they take them. :)

By the way, I'm surprised not seeing more of Pharynx from you. The fanfiction scene portrails him as somewhat similar to Berzie in terms of grouchyness. Less complaining about "I can't stand to look at all the crayon-lings anymore", more "Oh, King Thorax, are you going to do another group hug therapy session with half the Hive, or are you going to tell them to do actual work?"

As for the Neon-lings in general... Well, the general direction is "fluff piece" about Thorax and cute nymphs, or wide-eyed changelings going shopping and sightseeing.
(Or shipping Thorax with {Twilight, Starlight, Spike, Dragon-Lord Ember}, obviously.)
( You may also think "Teenage Flurry Heart" would be on that list - however, the "Florax" ship is reserved purely for pre-technicolor Thorax. Classic "Princess and humble drone"-dynamic, you understand. :bucktooth: )

And while all the fluffiness that is nice, it's just... there's no proper drama anymore. Nor adventure. :(

Well. There's a few I guess, but not many.

The most interesting of which are the ones that deal with both "cheeseleg classic" and neon-lings side-by-side.

I've seen instances of "Help! I don't know how to change and I'm running out of love!", "Different hive, different 'lings", "Meh, I left the Hive a long time ago, screw those guys. This is who I am, I ain't changing!", "Insufficient love, rebooting changeling in cheeseleg-mode to save battery power", and "CHRYSALIS IS THE ONE TRUE QUEEN (because she said so and if I disagree she'll punish me, she said all the other changelings have been mindcontrolled by the ponies and she's the Queen so she must be right)". The last one of which referring to the 12 infiltrators Chrysalis had sent out to replace the Mane 6 and the princesses, and were very obviously not at the Hive during Thorax' takeover. ;)

But the best changeling stories are those that still run with the old cheeseleg concept --- there's a surpringly large number of long-running changeling stories that started before the season 6 finale that are still going. Or their sequels, anyway.

Some acknowledge the finale in some way, like "Changeling Space Program" wherein Chrysalis - basically in a USA/Russia-style space race with Equestria - at some late point in the story has a horrible technicolor nightmare, proceeding to freak out and rant about how she wouldn't use an anti-magic stone to built a throne; she'd chop it up into pieces and hoof them out to each of her warriors. You know, as a personal anti-magic field to incapacitate their opponents. ;) :roll:

It's funny - I'm actually working on a cheeseleg-story myself, set in the alternate Chrysalis-timeline. :P

Which is, in itself, a continuation of somepony else's work that had been published prior to the season 6 finale. ^^;
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Thanks for an answer =P
Eh, maybe I'd draw some Pharynx stuff but since I draw some changeling comics, that'd be focused on one subject too much ;P
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upon seeing it for the first time, i was so emotionally crushed and destroyed but over time, i started to like it
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