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I got the idea for this comic from the fact that Spike was crudely replaced by Starlight in a few episodes of this season. It was most visible in Fame and  Misfortune where Starlight's line sounded pretty much like Spike's lines would say (and Spike was conveniently missing during the entire episode). To add to the insult, Spike was missing from the Uncommon Bond episode, even though they played Dragon Pit and had ponies dressed up as dragons! If they need to get rid of one character because they introduced another, they could do the same thing that was in "Once Upon A Zeppelin" - Spike excused himself... but he wasn't even mentioned in Fame and Misfortune :/ Then we have "It Isn't The Mane Thing About You" where Starlight was present and had snarky lines that sounded like Spike's but Spike was missing (and he didn't comfort his crush...).

Thanks to 
Middy for suggestions :) I used some free-to-uses textures: 1 and 2
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Omg What is this world going to
Fuzzcut's avatar
I'm suprised Starlight is happy sleeping in a basket
AskGoverntale's avatar
ok. That's creepy.
And sad.
And kinda mean.
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I like to think Spike simply has his own life now.
A common complaint during the early season was how Twilight's treatment of him felt like he was a slave and many fanfic writers went to town with that idea.
Now however he has his own room and doesn't have to be Twilight's secretary. To me Starlight taking up Spike's role just means he has more time to do what he wants. After all we rarely see the CMC but no one complains or say's they are being replaced because we know they are just out being kids.
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I’m not sure even Spike wants to be Spike.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
You do not know how much bits she was saved in food.
Junnosuke-kazuki's avatar
mano xD poor spike
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If Spike was replaced in Fame and Fortune, it's because Starlight fit the role better as unlike Spike she doesn't have any entries in the book so he wouldn't be a target himself. 
alexandermon's avatar
Didn't he wrote some of his lessons learned like in... Owl's Well That Ends Well and Equestria Games?
Ganondox's avatar
Yes, which is why he couldn't have taken on the role Starlight did as people would be swarming him as well. 
NateNate60's avatar
Doesn't she have that owl too?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
He's mostly missing in action these days, though :P
wholetthemonstersout's avatar
The show just gets dumber with each new episode. 
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
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Well, seeing how you got your own room now, Twilight needs someone to sleep in that basket
thearstster589's avatar
I see Twilight is a fan of the replacements.
I hope they never replace Spike! I hope he does better in season 8. He had some pretty good episodes in season 6. But season 7 was stupid as far as his episodes went. The Movie? I am not sure. Writers of the show barely listen to his fans, on what they would like for him more often in future episodes. I wonder how Cathy Feels on her character, has she ever stepped up for him in previous episodes herself? 
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Don't think of it as being replaced Spike, think of it as being outplaced.
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Lol, Starlight looks like a cozy cat snuggled in that basket =p

Also I am very late, so I apologize for that.
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But in the castle, he have his own room
Pony-Berserker's avatar
That's why Starlight sleeps next to Twilight's bed now.
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