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I got the idea for this comic from the fact that Spike was crudely replaced by Starlight in a few episodes of this season. It was most visible in Fame and  Misfortune where Starlight's line sounded pretty much like Spike's lines would say (and Spike was conveniently missing during the entire episode). To add to the insult, Spike was missing from the Uncommon Bond episode, even though they played Dragon Pit and had ponies dressed up as dragons! If they need to get rid of one character because they introduced another, they could do the same thing that was in "Once Upon A Zeppelin" - Spike excused himself... but he wasn't even mentioned in Fame and Misfortune :/ Then we have "It Isn't The Mane Thing About You" where Starlight was present and had snarky lines that sounded like Spike's but Spike was missing (and he didn't comfort his crush...).

Thanks to 
Middy for suggestions :) I used some free-to-uses textures: 1 and 2
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My reaction to Twilight literally trying to replace Spike with Starlight: