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This picture features Rhythm a Capella, an OC who belongs to Justin Blum, one of my Patreon supporters, and this picture is his monthly reward for his support.

I got the idea for this picture from reading her description:
From a young age she always did everything the hard way (...) Whenever she would do something she would throw herself fully into it and make sure she did it to the best of her ability.
This OC, however doesn't specialize in opening jars - her special talent involves singing - especially opera singing, but she needs to pursue career in other fields, since she was turned down at various auditions because of lack of experience.

I think it might be my first serious attempt at drawing a pony in a human-like pose. Why? Because pony in a pony-like pose would have hard times holding the baseball bat and talking at the same time ;P

MLP belongs to Hasbro. Rhythm a Capella belongs to Justin Blum. | 16/11/14 EQD comic post  

You can support me on Patreon here.

PS: If you are wondering why there is an octopus next to the jar, then let me tell you that octopi are known for their ability to... open jars :P
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There was an episode of the claymation "Bad Piggies" where the pigs try to open a jar of jam. It goes about as badly as you might expect XD.