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Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 8.5)

The eternal battle between Rarity and Tom the Crab is still going on. Sort of.

This story is being created as a collab effort between a few fan-artists. Future updates may appear in someone else's gallery
Co-written with Middy PS: This story takes place before Season 3. 

:bulletred: Part 1: Link (comic by Pony-Berserker)
:bulletgreen: Part 6 Link (art by Pony-Berserker and saturdaymorningproj, story by Pony-Berserker and doubleWbrothers
:bulletblack: Part 7 Link (art by saturdaymorningproj, story by doubleWbrothers and Pony-Berserker)
:bulletblue: Part 8 Link (art by doubleWbrothers and saturdaymorningproj, story by doubleWbrothers)
:bulletorange: Part 8.5 You are here!
:bulletpurple: Part 9 Link (art by doubleWbrothers and Pony-Berserker; story by P-Berserker and 

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Tom the Crab is... mine. If you translate or repost, please do it outside of DA. EQD 18 Dec 2016

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she said shellfish

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They're a gouda idea
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*rolls up newspaper*

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srsly why isnt twilight handling all this
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(slaps Twilight and Rainbow Dash on the backs of the head, and then slaps Pinkie Pie twice)
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are you SHORE you saw rarity?
LilllyEevee's avatar
it so puny to read that
Bill cipher: well, well, well, well, well.... Looks like somepony is looking for rarity... if you are looking for rarity she is in jail and if you want to know why? the crab diguise itself as rarity and none of you didn't notice well good luck getting rarity out of there because it's all pinkie pie's fault and no excused on some of the things you gonna say and plus you are a terrible lawyer pinkie pie because you didn't go to law school and rainbow dash you just over look because you need contact lenses for you and pinkie pie because that crab did something to your eyes... And twilight feel like to see rarity at prison?
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Hey pinkie why is she is jail? it feels like pinkie pie is an ignorant asshole like she forgot that quickly when she clearly knows that its her retarded ass fault for getting her into this mess. and she wants to be all happy in the end saying " don't worry, bananas can peel." and then "im sure you will make many new friend WHILE SHE IS LOOKING AT HER CRYING! YOU BASTARD PINKIE! YOU ARE A DUMB BITCH! YOU HAVE THE IQ OF A 5 YEAR OLD! AND YOU WANT TO BE A NAIVE FOOL THINKING YOUR ROLE AS A LAWYER IS PERFECT WHEN CLERLY THE PONY WHO WAS INNOCENT IS NOW GUILTY ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR "HAPPINESS, JOKES, PARTY, CUPCAKES" BRAIN YOU CAN"T EVEN BE SERIOUS FOR A FEW SECONDS! YOU SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR FOUR YEARS THINKING YOU CAN WALLOW OFF MISLEADING EVERYONE! YOU SELFLESS BASTARD!

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Ow, the painful puns. :D
DaiGuard78's avatar
I nearly fell over laughing!
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That fucking crab is stealing her identity!! XD If Rarity saw this from within her jail cell, she will sue that crab for life!! I mean all the drama this
little event is going through her head when that crab is attending to her parties and stuff will be killing her! XD
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"If Rarity saw this from her jail cell" - go read part 8 :P
streetsweep237's avatar
OH! I missed that part! looks like we got a new "Lavender is the new black".
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Hah, how I didn't see that video before =P
Well, this comic was "planned" back in 2013 :P
streetsweep237's avatar
good to know. I wonder if that crab was hiding something else.... something more than identity fraud.
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Too bad Rarity-crab decided not to speak and simply . . . clammed up.
Or maybe she did that on porpoise.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Well, it's a male crab dressed as Rarity. And he is mute because he is an animal (like Angel Bunny or Opal) :P
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The puns are krilling me
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