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Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 3)

:bulletred: Part 1: Link (comic by me (Pony-Berserker))
:bulletgreen: Part 2: Link (comic by by doubleWbrothers)
:bulletblack: Part 3: You are here!
:bulletyellow: Part 4: Link ! (art by doubleWbrothers and saturdaymorningproj; script by Pony-Berserker & doubleWbrothers)
:bulletpurple: Part 4.5 Link (art and story by labba94)
:bulletorange: Part 5 Link (art by saturdaymorningproj, story by doubleWbrothers and Pony-Berserker)
:bulletred: Part 6: Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 6) - art by me, colors by saturdaymorningproj, story by me, doubleWbrothers
:bulletblack: Part 7 and more Look for links in further pages!

Never enough Rarity fighting against a giant crab. Me and doubleWbrothers decided to make a (hopefully long) series of this. The script for this part was written together by us, and I drew the comic. The next part will be drawn by them (the script for Part 4 is a collab too). Panel 4-7 were quite difficult and tiring, but somehow I managed to make them look acceptable. Thanks to Yipyapper for pre-reading!

Some Questions and Answers
* Q: What's up with Rarity's appearance at the beginning of the comic? A: She is impersonating Kratos
* Q: What's up with Pinkie's hair and dress? A: She is a barrister, a British lawyer. And her mane is stylized for a barrister's wig. And she wears a toga.
* Q: Who is that filly who lost her bicycle? A: It's Aura - a background filly from the show. She is depicted as either an earth pony or a unicorn.
* Q: Why is Thunderlane in prison A: This comic will explain it
* Q: Why is Bulk Biceps in prison? A: For contempt of court, duh!
* Q: Are doubleWbrothers awesome? A: Yeah!

If you enjoy my comics, you can support me on Patreon!!

Drawn in ArtRage. Lettered in Inkscape. MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. The giant red crab Tom belongs to me :P | If you translate/repost, please link back here. You can't post it on deviantart | EQD post Aug 7/8 2013: Link (posted during DA outage...) | Korean translation: Link | Russian translation: Link

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xAjelandrox's avatar
MLP Pinkie Pie (Worried) Plz No me enseñaron como lidiar con esto en la academia de abogados fiesteros.
(I was not taught how to deal with this in the academy of partisan lawyers)
Lilmissgrace's avatar
pinkie, you f*cked up so bad
WickedHex's avatar
Are you an artist for the MLP FiM comics? You seem like it!
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Haha, thanks but no, I'm not =P
And looking back at this comic, it's kinda bad in my opinion xP
Lilmissgrace's avatar
r u kidding this is so good! Its the bes ove ever seen you are really talented
WickedHex's avatar
Why not?! You should be :3. Dats ok, i understand, looking back at my old art gives me the same thought on them.
NO-SoupForYou's avatar
"Thine appeal shall end up in thy plothole!" 

I'll have to remember that one.
Animatorsnake's avatar
how does thunderlane fit into all of this again?
NO-SoupForYou's avatar
A linking moment to one of his other comic series, "Age Inappropriate".  Spike's become vicious in his pursuit of Rarity and framed his rival suitor for pedophilia.
Sharkbrush's avatar
I don't think Thunderlane is going to be a virgin for long.
Ono-Matopoeia's avatar
What would a cannon fodder cutie mark look like?
Mokey1980s's avatar
Judge Luna: "You're out of order!"

Pinkie: "No, YOU'RE OUT OF ORDER!! She's out of order!! This Cheese Sandwich is out of order!!"
AgentTasmania's avatar
Case invalidated by Pinkie's not having any sort of legal qualification.
Retrial with actual lawyer in two weeks.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
The rule of funny makes a barista license be enough to practise law in Equestria :P
passionphoenix123's avatar
looks like they need pheonix wrigh-

NO-SoupForYou's avatar
(Screeching noise)
Dragon101k's avatar
I plead for sea fruit spaghetti!
Zabilac's avatar
Poor Thunderlane. I don't he ever expected to lose his virginity to Roid Rage.
Drow3323's avatar
Why do fans think rarity hates crabs?
BBBHuey's avatar
It's a nasty crab. A CRABNASTY! xP
Drow3323's avatar
But why? Why does she hate them?!? Were did it all start?!?
RainbowArtzzz's avatar
Rarity I think hates crabs because in o n e episode an crab got stuck in her hair..
Dunno..that's the only proof I have.
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