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Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 13)

The Rarity vs. Crab saga continues! Story for this page was a mutual effort from me, doubleWbrothers and Midnight Blaze. DoubleWbros made the sketches, I did lineart, colors and lettering

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:bulletred: Part 1: Link (comic by Pony-Berserker)
:bulletorange: Part 7 Link (art by saturdaymorningproj, story by doubleWbrothers and Pony-Berserker)
:bulletblue: Part 8 Link (art by doubleWbrothers and saturdaymorningproj, story by doubleWbrothers)
:bulletyellow: Part 8.5 Link (art by Pony-Berserker, story by P-B and Middy)
:bulletblack: Part 9 Link (art by DoubleWbrothers and Pony-Berserker; story by P-B and Middy)
:bulletgreen: Part 10 Link (art by DoubleWbrothers, Pony-Berserker, story by Middy)
:bulletwhite: Part 10.5 Link (art by DoubleWbrothers, Pony-Berserker and dSana, story by Middy)
:bulletpurple: Part 11 Link (art by saturdaymorningproj, colors by dsana, story by DoubleWbrothers)
:bulletorange: Part 12 Link (art by DoubleWbrothers, Pony-Berserker and dSana, story by DoubleWbrothers)
:bulletblack: Part 13 You are here!
:bulletpink: Part 13.5 Link (art by Pony-Berserker, story by Middy)
:bulletwhite: Part 14 Link (art by Saturdaymorningproj, story by P-B, doubleW and Middy)

Sketch by DoubleW can be seen here  bersksX by doubleWbrothers

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Sep 2, 2019 EQD
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ragman2002's avatar

spike is probably have a massive nose bleed from having two raritys

JM001kkkk's avatar


spikes brain be like:

ragman2002's avatar

Spike WTF RARITES??? *then dies*

xAjelandrox's avatar
Si la policía piensa lo mismo trata de que metan al cangrejo en la cárcel para que pague tu condena. 
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lordmep's avatar
This is going to be hilariously stupid. We all know it's coming, but we're eager to see exactly what happens.
Jatheus's avatar
:rolf: The ridiculousness of this conic just bever gets old! :lol:
Caustizer's avatar
You'd think they'd be able to tell the two of them apart based purely on size and general body shape. Makes me wonder if her friends are bewitched by someone...
Eric-Michael-Kline's avatar
Well come to think if it, both Rarities can be a little crabby and are sometimes shellfish.
Indioman200's avatar
Pony Rarity Proud Emoticon. Thanks Twilight. Now we can solve this mess once and for all.
MLP Twilight Sparkle (Lecturing) Plz It´s ok, but you realize that the true Rarity must return to prison, right?
Pony Rarity Surprised Emoticon. … 
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Yeah, I'm pretty sure anyone who pays attention should see something around that coming =P 
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
That is a good question, why didn't she have him over?
AJR001's avatar
Well Rarity, I hope you got your last will filed... :XD:
BrutalityInc's avatar
:lol: What blithering idiots... 
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
Which possibility is worse? :evillaugh:

They really are THAT stupid?

Or they're just maliciously trolling poor Rarity?
BrutalityInc's avatar
The former is more depressing... 
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Always glad to see this continuing!

Wait, part 14... yadda yadda yadda... WHAT?!!! Again with that pesky future jerk? I HATE that guy!!!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
"Part 14 Coming some time in the future!" Future always ruins it for everybody. :D
Great stuff as always.

But, every time this comic gets an update, I reread the whole thing from the beginning and oof. Has it really been 6 years?
aqdrobert's avatar
dagnytheartist's avatar
with friends like these XD lol 
BadgerHood12's avatar
sorry, Rarity. He's busy with his penpal.
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