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Art - Pony-Berserker (that's me!). Story - SzafaLesiaka
A comic obviously related to... the latest MLP episode - "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep" - more preciselt to Rainbow Dash's nightmare. 
The comic was written by my RL friend who goes by DA alias of SzafaLesiaka - it's the same guy that was my companion during Czequestria con... He definitely deserved a comic even though long time ago we decided to never make any comic together again since 2 previous ones weren't exactly a pleasant experience for us (writer's pride v. artist's pride) :P But this time I merely changed AJ's line and the title.
Speak of the writer - a few words from him about the comic: Is this cruel? Yes. (...) Are the singing sunflowers worth it? Definitely!
Thanks to VoidChicken and Middy for their advice and suggestions.

Also, I hid 3 muffins in this comic.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. If you translate it or repost, do not post on DeviantArt. 07 Sep 2015 EQD post
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Just wait 'till they start singing about "dressing in style".