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This picture is a fanfic cover I drew for VoidChicken's fanfic titled "Rainbownomicon" (which is hilarious -a comedy about necromancy. I love dark humor. This picture was a good occasion to thank my pre-reader, VoidChicken, that he is always availble whenever I need to consult him about anyting related to my comics (seriously, I wonder if he ever sleeps), be it about the story itself, episode-related knowledge (he's better than MLP wikia!), about dialogues, and (most importantly) titles - I must admit rarely can make up a cool title myself :P.

So, you can find the fanfic here on his fimfiction account. Go read it, it's funny. Seriously.
He has a story titled 350, which is a really good read (and I generally don't read fanfics, so it says something) (it's EQD featured, in case you wonder about the quality).


On the artistic note - it's the first time I tried soft shading. Everyone should try something new once in a while. I don't know what to think of this. I hope it looks good enough. I tried. What do you think about it?

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Art by me| 17-01-2014 EQD Drawfriend Stuff The story (and my pic) on EQD in a story post
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Awww! She's doing the Pinkie Hop!