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My new banner: P-B's New Banner by Pony-Berserker

So... I decided to give Patreon a shot. There were several positive responses in my related poll, so there is a chance I won't end up as a total loser! And it was a good excuse to create this logo. 

Anyway, some Q&A:
:bulletred: Q: What is Patreon? A: Basically, it's a site where fans support their favorite "internet personalities"/(fan-)artists/YouTubers etc. etc. with money donations.
:bulletgreen: Q: But... why? A: This thing is getting popular among e.g. MLP fan-artist, so I thought 'Why not me?' I believe this would motivate me for even harder work at my comics! Besides, I'm a jobless full-time student, so...
:bulletblue: Q: So, how do I support you and why? A: You enter my Patreon profile, and you can choose a monthly donation (e.g. 1$ monthly) to support my efforts to entertain you. With bigger donations come some small rewards.
:bulletblack: Q: Why every month? A: There were two options - per comic or per month. I chose 'per month', because I wouldn't like to be suspected of rushing works just to gather donations. Monthly donations will let me work on normal or better speed. Besides, deciding which work would be worth a 'donation' could be problematic. And a monthly donation was suggested by most people I asked.
:bulletyellow: Q: Will you still post things here? A: Yes, obviously. Nothing changes here. Your support is totally voluntary.
:bulletpurple: Q: So where is your patreon profile? A: Check out the link below!

Here is the link to my Patreon profile:

And don't worry if you can't support me via Patreon. I draw regardless of that, and I'm really happy when you simply look at my works, enjoy them and when you show that via comments or "favs", or when you simply show your appreciation of my works via 'watches' :pat:

Pinkie Pie belongs to Hasbro
Patreon's logo found at creator's toolbox at Patreon.
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Can I use your comic for a comic dub
Pony-Berserker's avatar
You think about any specific comic? xP
shadow1490's avatar
Do you have something relate to My Little Pony Equestria Girls
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You're welcome.
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MuddyFudger's avatar
That Andrea Libman character is using some other pony's lines
Pony-Berserker's avatar
I don't think that "yay" is reserved for just one pony...
Avidex's avatar
oh my gosh i love this
I'd sooner not donate but others are welcome to. :)
Frostfauna's avatar
Dat prehensile pinkie mane...
Websurger's avatar
This looks awesome lol
MasterVule's avatar
As the law of the beserker says "If it moves hit it,+. If it doesn't move, push it over then hit it. If neither of these work it's probably a tree." =P
Epic picture :D Good luck with Patreon thingie
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Whoa... the hair lol... O.o
Pony-Berserker's avatar
She used this skill in some episodes. It was prominently shown in Bats!
Ghoti657's avatar
Oh... the hanging from the branch!
Pony-Berserker's avatar
and Pinkie used her flashlight using her mane too!
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