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Pinkie's Eye Candy

Well, so-called cartoon or amusing injuries are widespread in animation/comics (Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes etc.), but they don't appear too often in MLP, which avoids them (there are exceptions like 'Feeling Pinkie Keen' episode). They aren't equal to so-called "gore".

Anyway, I got this silly idea when I watched a certain Polish stand-up comedian on TV, who told a joke about an unusually manly girl who tried to milk a cow, and made its eye explode (makes sense in context). I found the idea hilarious. Disturbing, but hilarious. And since it could be depicted without blood, or gore-y imagery, I decided to draw it. At first I wasn't sure if I should proceed (some bronies have tendencies to be oversensitive about cartoon characters getting any injuries), but I asked several people to review the script, and they encouraged me to continue (I got some useful suggestions too). So, I'd like to thank Gray--Day, doubleWbrothers and Soundslikeponies of fimfiction for their advice. And thanks to Daniel-SG, Foxy-Noxy, DaringDashie and others who encouraged me to draw this comic, but didn't exactly want to be mentioned here :P

This comic took a bit too long to draw. So much Pinkie. Backgrounds in three of the last three panels actually aren't copy-pasted. I just couldn't force myself to "cheat" :P While I don't think I will draw such comics full of cartoon injuries, it was nice to draw something different than usual :)

So... tell me what you think about this comic. 


MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Art by me. If you translate or repost this comic, please link back here. You can't post it on DeviantArt. 23-24/03/2014 EQD post<a wytiwyg="1" href="Oct 7 2016 EQD Pinkie Pie Day comic post</a>
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Rainbow Dash: Talk about eye candy!

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Talk about eye candy
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If it weren't for the rule of 3, this wouldn't have been funny. Wait a minute...

Apparently I can't count, the funny has been doubled - twice...  ^_^
Those exploding eyes remind me of Pinkie's costume in comics #3... 
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Okay, I stumbled upon this one before I had an account on DA.
I laughed much. :lmao:

Now - going through your gallery - I see it again.
I had to laugh again. :rofl:

This is just so ridiculous and especially at the end.
That doesn't even make sense!

Who's that hippie pony?
And why is he so amazed about a tree?
You would think that being a hippie he would see and hug trees every day.
Or is it a reference towards Fluttershy?
Or is he just on a drug trip?

Big Mac is also scared probably thinking, "What the buck? I thought there was nopony around!"

And finally the time paradox.
The story is told like the events would have happened in that order but actually the further you read the earlier they happened.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
This comic is my personal favorite :P

As for the hippie pony, it's Flax Seed -… - the running gag in an IDW comic with him was an not-so-subtle implication he was constantly high :P 
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Ah, dang, seems like I didn't read that comic so far.
Won't look at the wiki page.
I certainly have it lying around somewhere, I mean the comic.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
It's one of the first IDW comics tho. It had to be lying around for quite some time :P
MoonFlowerSax's avatar
Well I planned to draw a picture for every single issue...
But things came into my way and it was probably too big of a project.
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ok Pinkie, thats enough Deviantart for you now, ok bby?
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Lol, these were hilarious poor Pinkie.
XD Take dat, Ponkie! You're welcome!
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You do like 2001 a Space Odyssey, don't you ?
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I should use yer eyes as me new grenade launcher ammo !
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T think Pinkie Pie needs an eye transplant just to even avoid this scenario. :XD: :XD:
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idk y i keep laughing
Pony-Berserker's avatar
it's an intended effect
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i need to come back here on a daily basis
Pinkie pie (The map!) plz Pinkie Crazy G3 Pinkie Pie derp pinkie pie Pinkie Pie OMG Icon 
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you can just add me to DA watch :P
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yes, that is very disturbing, mostly because I'm overly sensitive to eye stuff.
that looks painful...pun intended!
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That's fucking creepy actually. Really creepy.
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