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Another monthly picture/comic for Justin Blum who is one of my Patreon supporters. The comic features his pegasus OC - Sweet Words. An excerpt from the OC description I received: Sweet Words (...) is the author of a fairly popular book series for foals. The only problem is she doesn't want to be known as a foal's author - She wants to write a book that will be read throughout the ages as a true literary classic...but she is having a sever writer's block and hasn't made any progress on that front. Part of that problem is how much she procrastinates. She drives her editor crazy by waiting until there is less than a week left before actually starting working on her next book. Still she gets the work done...most of the time.
The description, and Justin's suggestion to use Pinkie Pie, gave me an idea for this comic. Just some altering time Pinkie logic. Typical stuff.

The background scene in Panel 1 features 2 OC's of my Patreon supporters:
:bulletblack: Southern Comfort - Magello's OC
:bulletred: Longhaul - MrPOSSLQ's OC
their OC's are OTP.

Thanks to VoidChicken for his advice.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Sweet Words belongs to Justin Blum. |  If you translate or repost, credit me and link back here. Do not post on DeviantArt! | Apr 5 2015 EQD post
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100% realistic artist interpretation right there