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A monthly Patreon reward for Justin Blum - it features his OC Rythm a capella (on the right) and a dancer pony from Issue #10 of the official MLP comics from IDW - yes, he has Big Mac's colors due to a visual gag. But hey, he is canon now. Deal with it. I'v had this idea since forever and I finally got to this one ^^
This picture is an obvious reference to the famous Leekspin meme featuring a Finnish song titled Ievan polkka. I honestly thought that song was just random gibberish, but turns out it's a real language...
In the background - my take on Andrew W.K.'s photo on one of his album covers. 
Special thanks to MrNumbers of fimfiction for his advice :)

If you enjoy my works, you might want to support me on Patreon. Every bit counts!

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Rhythm a capella belongs to Justin Blum. Ponified A.W.K. designed by me. If you translate or repost, do it outside of DA. Thank you. 12 Jul 2015 EQD post
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Someone should anime her singing this lol