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My Little Test Subjects

:iconrarityfacedeskplz: :iconsweetiebelleshyplz: :iconsaysplz: "I really like your mane, sis?"

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Convenient placement of books is convenient. Also, Twilight Sparkle is the best Cave Johnson. And obvious "Portal" references are obvious, too.

I should have planned this comic a bit better - I had a small problem with lettering, because of the space restrictions ;p The idea for this comic was re-created several times in my head over one month or so. It's good I haven't decided to draw this earlier :P

Everything was vectored by me in Inkscape and Ponyscape (a derivative of Inkscape) - poses of running ponies and Lyra/BonBon based on the show footage. Twilight's 'Read' poster was found somewhere - the source is unknown to me.
MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
"Art" by me ;)
You can send it to any site/blog/booru etc, or translate into any language, but please remember to link back here (but you can't post it on DeviantArt)

17.03.2013 - EQD post:…
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At least it'll grow back?

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(Sadistically laughs at her pain)

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Room 34? Great pun.
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I, uh, keep hearing Twilight and then it would switch to Cave and back again!
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Is it bad that I actually heard most of Twilight's dialogue in Cave's voice? XD
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i love this kinda stuff. its so funny. keep it up with the good work.
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this is such an old comic tho.... maybe I should remake it one day >.>
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This kind of thing makes me sad that VALVe quit doing games.
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why do i hear j.k. simmons instead of tara strong
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Certainly not boring... Ah, to heck with it, Sign me up!
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Well after reading "Room 63" and "Genderswap" I figured why Pinkie turned so depressed after "Room 34".
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can you explain it to me?
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As imadmagician said.
After Pinkie Pie appeared, Twilight talks about genderswaps in room 63, which implies that room 34 was indeed a reference to rule 34, hence explaining why Pinkie looked so deranged.
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Here's the deal: Rule 63 is an internet slang for genderswapping (If it exists, there's also a boy / girl version of it); Rule 34 is "If it exists, there is porn of it." So Pinky had her childhood ruined by looking into the deep abyss of Room 34's porno.
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"how the hell can an underage foal sign a binding contract or agree to deadly experiments?!"
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You expect a parody of Aperture Science to care about legalities like that?
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Well, they aren't racist at least.
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"And the magic gets done.
And you make a neat gun
for the ponies who are
still alive

P-P..please don't send me to Room 34, Twi- I mean Miss Sparkle!  I'd almost rather be genderswapped.. *is dragged away* NO! NO! OH, CELESTIA, NOOOOOOO!

great job, Twilight would totally run Aponyture, with mathematical precision!  or at least, as much as one can while dealing with the unknowable puny factor. 
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