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Main Six of the Mirror World

Commissioned by :iconlionel23:

This is a picture of character designs for a comic by Lionel23 and Gray--day featuring the Main Six of the mirror universe seen in the 'Reflections' arc of the official IDW comics. Alicorn Trixie, Chrysalis and Derpy could be seen in the comics or in the cover pictures, so their designs are pretty much the same as in the comics but Gilda, Maud ie and Sunset Shimmer were added by :iconlionel23: to his story about them, and I came up with details that would make them look a bit different than their counterparts. Yes, Maud Pie's look is a reference to Andrew WK :)

Just to clear this up - I won't be involved in creating this comic - it's just a promotional picture.

The comic cover for this series can be found here:

Of Kings and Changelings - Cover (edit: the author deactivated his account as of 2021 so too bad, you can find the comic on derpibooru)

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. |  27-08-2014 EQD's DS  Also in the middle of November 2017, this picture was featured on top of "What's Hot" DA section, much to my surprise, since it was 3 year old at the time. But hey, I won't complain :D

PS: Maud Pie's design was approved by Andrew WK!

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I HATE the Derpy one. Because it straight up implies that normal Derpy is stupid in one capacity or another. All others are "negatives' after all. Mirror Sunset is altruistic, regular Sunset is/was selfish. Main world Trixie is braggart of highest caliber(and still is). Gilda is, or was, a hothead. Maud is not so much insulted, because it's not her capacity, but her interaction with others is flipped. Maud is(looks) stoic to everyone.