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Luck Is Also A Skill

Panel 1 is a commission for :iconmrposslq: - my Patreon supporter - who wanted a picture of his OC - Longhaul - having a conversation about luck with Troubleshoes - luckily (pun intended) I didn't have any specific instructions :3 
The commission was eventually made into a comic. Basically, majority of writing credit goes to Middy. I merely came up with the vision of a noodle incident followed by a so-called 'manatee gag'. I think I spent too much time on TV tropes as well.
Now when I look at this comic, it turned out more grim than it seemed in my head. Good thing I love dark comedy.
The bear in the comic is just a random bear - his posture is similar to Fluttershy's bear, but his color is purposefully different.
Oh, and they are drinking cider - just the same they drink in the MLP TV series.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC's belong to their respective owners (technically, that bear might be my OC, heh). If you translate or repost - do not post on DeviantArt, thank you. 2 Aug 2015 EQD comic post

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actually a bear foot