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Love And Tolerance

Fluttershy still doesn't know why her friends insist on her attending their drinking nights.

Thanks to Middy for advice.

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goldorakx69's avatar

here how the girls a past out.

Rarity a the first the past out.

RD and AJ and past out in the same time.

and Pinkie a the last one to past out.

so if be contest, Twilight be the winner but is be a Party and Twilight be really shock by found out

Aka no drunky drunky

annonmyous's avatar

Captain America: I've been where you are. Trust me.

Reminds me a scene in Lord of the rings where legolas challenge gimli

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

Is it wrong that the funny thing for me is Twilight not noticing her friends' condition until all four black out?

I bet Pinkie hit the deck last, by at least half an hour.

PawlyTigris's avatar

Get Berry Punch in there, she will def drink Twi under the table! xD

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

Then she'll haggle a deal with store owners over a better table, shell out the correct price, drag it back and assemble it correctly... chugging the whole damn time.

PawlyTigris's avatar

Yeah... Berry Punch things, i guess... <3 Gotta love her..^^

NO-SoupForYou's avatar

Or at least stand in awe of her Dean Martin-like tolerance,

Heartstrings17's avatar

Flutters is me everyday when I have school (both physical and online)

RFHartwell's avatar
Fluttershy is basically me at every "party" I go to.
strongbad-joe132's avatar
That's it ponies. No. More. Cider. EVER!!!
cuttledish's avatar

flutters has drunken 10x more than anyone in that bar.

I bet the next day, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity all need to use the bathroom.

TyrakatheDragonFan's avatar
"Fluttershy still doesn't know why her friends insist on her attending their drinking nights."

Because somebody has to drive them home.
suethehedghog29's avatar
d-did they just die from alcohol poisoning? 
Kylecope's avatar
That's an interesting idea...
And also hilarious. And I can't think of anything except Captain America
Fuzzcut's avatar
Did she attempt a drinking contest or something
kerokogeorashi's avatar
I'll admit, I'd be next to Fluttershy wondering what I was doing there. The race to go flat on your face never really appealed to me either.
Fuzzcut's avatar
I go there if I had to but wouldn't drink, I am and always will be a teetotaler 
eliander's avatar
See now you went and made me want to have a drinking party with the princess. well played
goldorakx69's avatar
me to belive alicorn are immute to alcohol! i belive celestia is the first to fond out! why? well first i think she never drink one of her live and say no everytime the noble give some to her! but the day she seal her sister she want to be drunk to forget her sadness but is not work! i think celestia a not want to tell it to twilight is learn by her self what a alicorn do and all thier power! and this night twilight learn alicorn are immute to alcohol! i think twilight as a unicorn she only drink max 6 boc of alcohol apple cider! the % of alcohol is unknow of the alcohol apple cider are by! and i dont know the limit of every twilight friends can drink but one thing is sure is her will take her friends home!
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